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Amidst all the festivity, lights, action, athletic fervour and cultural extravaganza of a college fest, we often tend to forget the hard work, willpower and excruciating efforts of those who strive to make the event a success. The zeal and dedication of the crew behind the scenes is no less important than the glory brought home by the winners and the participating colleges.

A candid chat with Sakshi Ramnani, Secretary, Fine Arts Committee revealed the extra mile the organizers had to go to ensure that the fest goes on smoothly without any hiccups.

MTTN: What was the plan of action to ensure that that all the arrangements fell into place and were completed well within time?

Sakshi :  The organization team had started planning everything right from the first week of April. Right from getting all the teams ready to obtaining the required audio files, everything was planned well in advance to make sure that the events go on smoothly.

MTTN: Did you face any obstacle during the planning and execution of the events?

Sakshi :  Since Invictus is being organized for the first time, getting a huge number of colleges to participate was a major hurdle. Apart from that, getting judges for every event also proved to be a tedious job. However, we were able to overcome all glitches eventually thanks to the amazing team we have.

MTTN: Did any decision taken during the course of events turn out to be irrational?

Sakshi : A number of wrong decisions were taken starting from planning the schedule to drawing up the rules for the events. Thankfully, almost all mistakes were rectified due to the conscious efforts and co-operation of the volunteers and the student council.


We next turned to Pranav Batra, Secretary, Sports Committee who enlightened us about the diligent work put up by his team to make MIST a success yet again.

MTTN: A vast number of participants registered for MIST this year. What were the major factors that you would describe as ‘crowd pullers’?

Pranav : We introduced a number of new things this year like Sports quiz, FIFA video games and even music playing alongside the field matching the tempo of the game. The huge success of MIST last year along with the ‘Manipal’ factor drew the crowd in hundreds.

MTTN: How did you manage to pull off such a huge event so successfully?

Pranav : We maintained a database where the names of the participants, their contacts, their date of arrival & event particulars were detailed accurately. Both online and offline registrations were facilitated this year. In addition, supervisors of all the sports events were handed information booklets to avoid any last-minute confusion.

MTTN: How was the working atmosphere in your team?

Pranav : We could overcome a lot of impediments starting from last-minute changes to budget problems only due to the co-operative efforts of the organizing team. The Student Council has proved to be of huge help and I am eagerly looking forward to working with them again next year.


While Invictus 2017 continues to pull the crowd in larger numbers, we at MTTN salute the dedicated efforts of the Organizing Committee to make the Invictus debut truly successful and bringing cheer and mirth to Manipal as the exam season knocks on the door.

-As said to Supratim Banerjee

Photographs by Shriya Dhaundiyal

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