Invictus: Proshow

On the penultimate night of Invictus 2017, TMA Pai Hall 2, was decked out for the entertainment event, Proshow. 

The hall was adorned with fairy lights, and the stage was lit ablaze with spotlights for an evening of merriment and laughter. 

The show was opened by Shubhang from MIT, who is also an integral part of Untied Laces. He warmed the floor up for the stars of the evening, the three members of SnG, Neville Shah, Kautuk Srivastava and Aadar Malik. 

The night that followed was filled with jokes on glaring social issues, stereotypes and relationships, with generous and frequent hurling of abusive language that drew bellows of laughter from all in the audience. Aadar Malik gave an outstanding musical performance with songs rendered to his goat, sex and sexual orientations, and metal music.


The show was closed with a chat session with the audience. Neville Shah made it very clear that they were expecting questions that were not stupid and the questions that did follow were anything but. A very candid session, it gave many members of the audience a better insight into the personal and professional lives of the comedians.

The team even stayed back for a photography session with their fans. After the truly hectic week this has been, this evening was a welcome break for the organizers and a very enjoyable performance for each and everyone in the audience.

-Written by Anirudh Gupta

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