Invictus: Vibes Day Four | An Ending

The final day of Invictus was marked by a charged environment as the participants competed in each event with great zeal and energy. The Proshow held the previous night infused the participants and the organizers with a renewed joie de vivre.


The elocution competition at Invictus 2017 brought the best orators among us, together. The performances ranged from passionate speeches to moving poetry. The judges Dr. Haniel D’Souza and Ryan Fernandes were not allowed to be disengaged for even a minute. While one participant wrote and performed her poem on her journey from childhood to medical school, another performed a chilling poem about how a closet cannibal might feel while studying to become a doctor. The star of the show, however, was a fantastic rendition of Sir Walter Scott’s classic ballad Lochinvar, complete with a Scottish accent in dialogues. Truly a treat to watch.

The winners of the event were,

1st Place: KMC Mangalore (Slot 8)

2nd Place: KMC Manipal (Slot 1)

3rd Place: KMC Manipal (Slot 3)


The artists adorned their models’ faces with colours deciphering the theme of gender equality. The human face as a canvas brings art to sudden life, and as emotions flit across the face, the paint transmogrifies into a million different ubiquitous creations all presented at once and yet distinct.
The face painting event was held from 10am to 12pm at Interact lecture hall, judged by Mrs. Sujatha Deepak.
The winners of the event were,
1st Place: KMC, Manipal
2nd Place: KMC, Manipal
3rd Place: SDUMC


The final quizzing event of Invictus was a rather niche affair. The Droids and Dragons quiz, as evidenced by the name, dealt with the broad realms of science fiction and fantasy. Conducted by Aaditya, Darshan and Vivek, the preliminaries saw tough competition among the teams as the questions bounded from world to world in instants.

Six teams made it forward into the finals, and battled it out over four rounds of intense stand-offs to an extremely close finish. The exhilaration of working out the solution to the riddles posed at them with shreds of hints barely glimpsed was evident on their faces as they blazed through the final round.

The winners of the event were,

1st Place: NIT, Surathkal

2nd Place: KMC, Manipal

3rd Place: MIT, Manipal


A complete entertainer, ‘Pass the Remote’ was just the perfect way to beat the heat on April 30 as a part of Invictus 2017 organized by KMC, Manipal. With a small yet enthusiastic crowd gathered at the TMA Pai Hall 2 in the sultry Sunday afternoon, the event started with the introduction of the judges for the event, Dr. Rohit Krishnan and Dr. Samyak Dhawan. The rules were rather interesting as only a single narrator was allowed at any point of time and the narrators may switch among themselves. Further, the judges, at any point of time, could request the participants to pause, rewind and fast-forward their performance or even perform in slow-motion. The use of profanity, however, was not permitted.

With Round 1 underway, the participants were expected to enact a particular TV Channel chosen by the judges themselves. In Round 2, the judges would give a particular program or a scene to enact 1 minute in advance and the teams had 3 minutes to present.

The winners of the event were,

1st Place: KMC Manipal

2nd Place: SDUMC


A test of mettle that ranged beyond the traditional methods, Potpourri at Invictus saw party games galore. The cleverly designed challenges drew smiles from the audience as the participants vied against them and each other.

The tough competition was tinged with the absolute joy shared with everyone in the room as the colourful antics chose by themselves the triumphant participants.

The winners of the event were,

1st Place: KMC, Mangalore

2nd Place: KMC, Manipal

3rd Place: MIT, Manipal


When one just couldn’t get enough of words and showdowns, the JAM session organized as a part of Invictus 2017 came along to add to the fun. Vikram Jeet, was the JAM master for the session.

The audience were thoroughly entertained by a wide variety of topics with Round 1. There were special additions to each round where the participants were expected to call out objections after shouting random and hilarious chants. The most common objections raised were found to be ‘speech defect’, ‘deviation from the topic’ and ‘wastage of time’.

The final round, however was most entertaining as participants could talk on topics of their choice with a bit of storytelling. The special addition to this round was that the first person starts the JAM with the alphabet ‘A’ and the next speaker has to carry on with the consecutive alphabet after a break.

The winners of the event were,

1st Place: Slot No.3 (KMC)

2nd Place: Slot No.9 (MIT)

3rd Place: Slot No.7 (MIT)


Matching step to step and rhythm to rhythm, the dancers participating in the Creative Duet scorched the dance floor with their coordinated and bewitching moves. 

The event was judged by Ms. Vijaylaxmi and Ms. Meenakshi. The KMC Manipal duo emerged as the winners of Creative Duet.


The valedictory function of Invictus 2017 was illuminated by a multitude of dazzling hues and shades as the fashion show troupe of KMC Manipal made their appearance on the stage. The theme for the show was ‘human emotions’. The diverse costumes decked by the young fashionistas personified the myriad of human emotions encountered in life’s incessant battle.

Happiness, sadness, jealousy and hatred were fittingly represented through attires designed with bright colors interspersed with dull monochromes. As the woman in white symbolizing ‘peace’ emerged on the stage signaling the ultimate destination of all emotions, the music reached its crescendo and the audience erupted in cheers. Against a backdrop of kaleidoscopic lights, the troupe made their exit leaving behind only two emotions in its wake – happiness, and contentment.

Reported by, Annapoorna Chakrabarty, S Poojitha, Rohan Basak, Vivek Mahapatra, Anirudh Gupta and Supratim Banerjee


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