VERVE 2016: DAY 2

The Verve’16 Debate saw participants from various semesters, arguing the motion “Ethical objections to stem cell research should not result in it being disavowed.” Judged by Dr Punja and Dr Deepak, the debate was of the 3+1 minutes format. The event, held in Interact, saw speakers talking about the ethical dilemmas faced when embryos are harvested for research. The proposition had speakers arguing the importance of pre-existing life over potential life. The opposition, on the other hand, expounded on how a life in an earlier stage is equally important as that in a later stage of development. There were arguments that explored the benefits of stem cell research, the disadvantages and the ethical question. As all good debates, the event was characterized by rhetoric, powerful arguments and strong counter-arguments.
1st: Reetoban and Dharini (2nd semester)
2nd: Shreeja and Mehak (2nd semester)
3rd: Rohit/Vinayak and Athira (6th semester)


Painting is not just making random lines on paper with colors. It is a confluence of art and emotion, a way of unleashing the inner thinker, an outlet for one’s feelings. Each painting has a story of its own, some visible, some invisible.

The Painting competition as apart of verve sought to bring forth these hidden stories in artists’ minds. In two hours, students wove magic with paints as they depicted their takes on “why so serious?” OR “casino”. The creative juices flowed as each person strived to bring their thoughts alive on paper. Indeed, the judges, Dr. Swapna (Dept. of Pharmacology) and Dr. Abhyu (Intern) had a hard time choosing the best ones.


1st: Samya (2nd Semester)

2nd:Shahrukh Khan (TIPS)

3rd: Anjori Gupta (2nd Semester)


Easily the most entertaining and exciting event of Verve ’16, Potpourri was off to an exuberant start. The Prelims was an elimination round comprised of events such as Taboo, What’s the Good Word and Pictionary. The teams of three had to write down the answers to the drawings and homonyms which their team members had jotted down or drawn. Each member of the team was allowed 7 minutes. Six teams moved on to the final round, which was divided into three parts. The first round was Charades but with an interesting twist. One member had to draw the clue for the second, who had to act it out to the third.The other two team members had to guess all six characters and guess what connects them. The next part was a modified version of Taboo, called Chaos. One member from each team was given a movie character and had to shout out the clue to all the teams for them to guess. The twist in this was firstly, it was taboo and secondly, all six members had to shout at the same time resulting in commotion. The final part was a modified form of 20 questions. The event was filled with Tarantino references; movies like Gone With the Wind and Twelve Monkeys left the participants scratching their heads in the heat of the moment. The event was successfully and dynamically conducted by Ankita, Aakash and Abhay.
1st: Mridul, Zaid and Prithvik (8th semester)
2nd: Archit, Arup and Shreyas (6th semester)
3rd: Madumita, Vidyottama and Reetoban (2nd semester)


Maverick ideas bounced across the stage balanced by a subtle undercurrent of satire at the Mad ads event. All the teams presented various products with unconventional marketing strategies, adding bizarre and hilarious features and stretching into mythical product placement. The competition was judged by Dr Chandni , Dr Swapna and Dr Ashwini.


1st: 2nd Semester

2nd: 6th Semester

3rd: 4th Semester



The KMC greens once again played host to VERVE 2016, where participants displayed their creative spirits and gave shape to various themes with clay. Participants made full use of the one and a half hour time slot provided and created diverse models ranging from a cobra to a skull. The event started at 5:00 PM and ended at 6:30 PM and was judged by Dr Chandni Gupta and Dr Sneha Guruprasad from the Anatomy department.

The winners were:-

1st– Shahrukh Khan (TIPS)

2nd –Puja Jain, Nidhi Gupta, Kabir Kashyap (6th semester)

3rd –Arup Saha, V Siddharth, Jossil (6th semester)



The crowd cheered and applauded to the sound of songs like ‘Some nights’, ‘Payphone’ and ‘Hey soul sister’, for the first musical event of Day 2 of Verve. The harmonies of the three slots intermingled perfectly with the sound of cheering from the crowd. Each slot had a time limit of 5 minutes. The event was judged by Dr. Swapana Satinder (Dept. of Pharmacology), Dr. Kirthinath Balal (Dept. of Community Medicine ) and Dr. Ananth of MMMC. The results were as follows:-

1st: 2nd semester

2nd: 6th semester

3rd: 4th semester



Adrenaline rush couldn’t have been higher, excitement soaring by each beat of the drum and plucking of the strings. This was one battle fought on the razor’s edge. Judges for the event were Mr. Anand from MMMC and Mr. John from MCOPS. Each band was allowed four to eight members, three to six instruments and a song time of ten minutes (including sound check). Beatboxing was not permitted. A slight technical delay preceded the event but was soon recouped by the magnificent performances put through. Following semesters were crowned the winners:

1st: 4th semester

2nd: 6th semester

3rd: 2nd semester



KMC Greens reverberated with the first dance event of Verve 2016, the Western Impromptu Dance wherein the participants danced spontaneously on the stage for about 2 minutes to a song played on the spot. The judges for this event were Dr. Lokendra (MCODS), Dr. Archana (Anaesthesia Department) and Dr. Sushma (Anatomy Department). The participants put up a marvellous performance with their fluid moves, giving the judges a very tough time to decide winners. The audience were thrilled and at the edge of their seats, wanting more as the participants set the stage on fire. Among the favourites of this show was the moonwalk, flawlessly presented by slots 2 and 14. All in all, the event was a grand success and was heavily appreciated by the audience.


1st: Ayush (8th semester) and Tanmay (6th semester)

2nd:  Sumant (4th semester)

3rd: Harnoor (8th semester) and Aakash (2nd semester)



The second day of Verve came to a conclusion with one of the most awaited events of the night – the Western Group Dance. It was judged by Dr. Archana (Department of Anesthesiology), Ms. Sushma (Department of Anatomy) and Dr. Lokendra from MCODS. The groups from each of the semesters zestfully synchronized their steps to popular western tracks, leaving the audience enthralled and the judges in a dilemma.


1st: 4th semester

2nd: 6th semester

3rd: 2nd semester


Article by:-

Reetoban Datta

Shraddha Murali

Soham Mitra

Vivek Mahapatra

Rohil Jain

Rohan Basak

Sindhuri Sriraman

Doorva Devarshi


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