Verve 2016 Day 4


What do you really believe in?
Turncoat, held in Interact GB, left the participants in this dilemma as they had to present opposing sides of the motion they were given. Motions ranged from the usage of PR campaigns being a better alternative to military action against terrorism, to the evils of science.
The event was marked by the promptness with which the participants prepared their speech in 2 min and how they could effectively present both sides of the argument.

1st: Dharini (2nd Semester)

2nd: Athira (6th Semester)

3rd: Anusha (6th Semester)





Laughter echoed across the room, mirth spawned by overtly obvious conundrums or by clever mind-­bending puzzles at the General Quiz event. The love of quizzing was at the very forefront, the hours careening away as the tally of points see­sawed from one corner to the other. The winners of the event were:
1st: Omer Mujahid, Prithvik Sharad, Zaid Hussain (8th Semester)
2nd: Darshan Temker, Aaditya Sreehari, Vivek Mahapatra (2nd Semester)
3rd: Saurabh Srinivas, Abhay Bazaz, Armaan Ahuja (4th Semester)
Day 3, the last day of Verve 2016 witnessed yet again a spectacular event in the evening, hosted in the KMC Greens. The Eastern Dance Solo kicked off in style with participants
showing up in bright coloured traditional dresses and danced with delight to the beats. The first slot from 4th semester danced to a fusion of Bollywood songs getting the audience to dance along. Next up, 2 nd semester, grooved to a medley of songs while she incorporated ‘dandiya’ steps in her performance, rocking the show. The next few slots again had a
mix of Bollywood songs and steps associated with the respective songs. It was certainly very tough to decide winners and the judges went about it in an average manner. In a nutshell, this event was a delight to the eye and was one hell of an event.
1st: Anushree (4th semester)
2nd: Ravi (TIPS)
3rd: Deasini (4th semester)
Marking the final vocal event of Verve 2016 was western vocal solo. Judges for the evening were Mr. Anand from MMMC and Mr. John from MCOPS. Participants were supposed to sing any English or Western language song of their choice. One instrument was allowed to be accompanied. Maximum performance time of four minutes was sanctioned. Given all the ingredients, the participants made sure that a rapturous evening ensues.
Winners are as follows:
1st: Keerthana Panchagnula (2nd semester)
2nd: Tanvi Sambhus (8th semester)
3rd: Harsh Kahlon (2nd semester)
All forms of dance blended into mesmerizing patterns of art at the Creative Dance Duet event. Concepts swirled with the lithe gyrations of the participants, and emerged as astonishingly beautiful renditions. Comparing such diverse elements against one another was certainly a daunting task, and it fell to Dr. Shalini and Dr. Chandni.
The winners of the event were:
1st: 4th Semester
2nd: 8th Semester
3rd: 6th Semester
Fashion has been an important part of culture since time immemorial. It has revolutionised society and brought creativity and beauty together. The verve fashion show too sought to showcase KMC’s best. With designers and models pulling out all stops, the event saw themes such as. ‘East meets west’, ‘A fairy tale nightmare’ and ‘Seven deadly sins’ being portrayed.
1st : 4th semester
2nd: 2nd semester
3rd: 6th semester
All good things come to an end. The closing ceremony drew the curtains on Verve 2016.
The prestigious winners of Battle of the Bands, Eastern Group Dance and Western Group Dance performed their peppy numbers once more for an equally enthusiastic audience. For the first time in the history of Verve, the trophy was bagged by the 2nd semesters!
The overall winners were as follows:
1. 2nd Semester
2. 6th Semester
3. 4th Semester
Unfortunately for everyone who worked so hard to make this fest a success, no holiday was declared the next day. Nevertheless, everyone gained something that can never be replaced.
Article by:
Reetobaan Datta
Rohan Basak
Rohil Jain
Shraddha Murali
Anirudh Gupta
Vivek Mahapatra

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