Open Electives (IV Semester) for 2017

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Our college understands the need of a student to venture beyond their branch. It may arise out of the state of saturation one reaches from learning only about machines or coding, or out of sheer curiosity. While (literally) everything you want to learn about can be found on the internet, one can easily argue that there’s no substitute for formal, classroom teaching. The Open Electives offered by the college are brilliant avenues for learning something new. You can take up Film Studies and cultivate the cineaste in you. Or Astronomy, for your fascination for outer space, or maybe you wish to take up MATLAB to augment your skills as a programmer; the choice is entirely yours. There’s something for everyone! Of course, provided you have the CGPA. Too bad we can choose only one out of so many brilliant courses.

ELECTIVE:  Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
OFFERED BY:  Aeronautical

One of the few courses available to hobbyists as well as those aspiring to work in the exclusive aircraft industry, this course is considered relatively easy. The Aeronautics elective includes learning about the history of flight, the fundamental principles, dissecting aircraft anatomy and basics of aerodynamics. The syllabus includes a brief introduction to the aircraft Industry and progresses onto flight dynamics and mechanics. For those with a fondness for flying machines.

ELECTIVE:  Automobile Engineering
OFFERED BY:  Automobile

This elective comprises of the study of various engines and their construction, electrical systems, alternate fuels, safety, economics and quality of an automobile. Car enthusiasts, this is definitely the elective for you.

ELECTIVE:  Biomechanics
OFFERED BY:  Biomedical

Biomechanics is definitely a lucrative choice to those who have an inclination towards the medical sciences.  It may include visits to the Department of Physiotherapy at SOAHS. With this subject being fairly easy to score in, the course includes basic biology (muscular and skeletal system) and progresses to basic physics involving human movements.

ELECTIVE:  Introduction to Bioinformatics
OFFERED BY:  Biotechnology

The textbook definition of Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. Computers are used to gather, store, analyse and integrate biological and genetic information which have various applications in research fields. Some of the basics covered here are BLAST tools, Analysis of Gene Sequences, Gene Bank, Protein and DNA sequence Alignment, FASTA tool, Algorithms associated with the above mentioned topics. This elective bridges the gap between programming and Biology and integrates the two. Definitely worth considering if you’re into data analysis, and are dealing with medical data.

ELECTIVE:  Introduction to Chemical Engineering
OFFERED BY:  Chemical

The syllabus is based on the kind of knowledge required in chemical industries, i.e. fuel cells, battery technology, material balances with and without chemical reactions, energy balances, stoichiometry, units and dimensions. The course is designed for people who take an avid interest in chemistry. It is also very useful for the non-chemical students hoping to research in chemical fields in the future.

ELECTIVE:  Air and Noise Pollution

Learn about the intricacies of air and noise pollution, different pollutants and its looming dangers in the environment. The same stuff we’ve been learning since fifth grade, but in a much greater depth. This elective will make you a person who is more aware and appreciative of the environment.

ELECTIVE:  Introduction to Remote Sensing and GIS

Geographic Information System deals with basic theories of geography, the different techniques involved in reading, storage, analysing and modelling data and maps. GIS is playing an increasingly important role in civil engineering companies today.  A brief introduction to India’s satellite program and also how remote sensing can be used to detect natural disasters is also covered in this elective. Recommended for those who wish to work in civil or infrastructure-related job profiles.

ELECTIVE:  Strength of Materials

The elective deals with topics concerning torsion, deflection and stress on bodies. An extension of MOS (#throwback to First Year), this can be fun to be studying if one has an interest and/or need for it since it’s relatively easy to score in.

ELECTIVE:  Python Programming
OFFERED BY:  Computer Science

For all the right reason, the course on C# got replaced with this new one, this year. Python is one of the easiest languages to learn and is equally powerful. With a vast array of libraries, you can use Python for web scraping, web development, natural language processing, or machine learning. This is an introductory course which covers the basics, after which you’ll be capable of applying the language to do really cool stuff. Though, just like any other CSE-offered course, be wary of the professor or the grading.

ELECTIVE:  Programming in JAVA
OFFERED BY:  Computer Science

This serves as an introduction to JAVA and explores its applications including but not limited to applets and web-based programming. The syllabus covers classes and objects, accepting user inputs, abstract class, interface and inheritance, file-handling, multi-threading and applets. Though rumoured to be one of the more challenging electives but has a great demand and scope.

ELECTIVE:  Essentials of IT
OFFERED BY:  Computer Science

Essentials of IT essentially deals with how a computer works. The syllabus covers the computer hardware concepts and then moves on to memory management, file management and the different algorithms involved in data storage along with a bit of SQL in the end. It is said to be easy and scoring for those who wish to pursue their career in the IT industry as it gives you the solid base required. If you are curious to know what goes on inside your PC, then this is the elective for you.

ELECTIVE:  MATLAB for Engineers

MATLAB code is essential in today’s world for generating innumerable models in the electrical industry. This elective teaches about numeric, cell and basics of MATLAB programming, different decision making statements, ODE and PDE solvers, programming with Simulink, Project based learning and building interactive applications. It is an easy elective, provided that coding interests you, and the general concepts of electrical engineering are at your fingertips. The professors only give you a general idea, so be prepared to do a lot of individual hard-work to succeed.

ELECTIVE:  Analog & Digital Electronics Circuits

Surely not for the faint hearted, this course can be genuinely interesting for those with a knack for electronics. Gates, counters, flip-flops, MOSFETs, diodes, transistors and amplifiers are just a few of the words you’ll find flying around in the elective. Think you’re up for it?

ELECTIVE:  Energy Conversion Techniques

This is for the inspired electrical machinery fan (pun intended), as this elective delves deeper into the concepts behind the working principle of transformers. AC generators, induction motors, synchronous motors, stepper motors, universal motors and the likes. This elective, as your third semester E&E friends will warn you, is very interesting. However, if you are looking for an A or an A+ in your open elective, look elsewhere.


ELECTIVE:  Introduction to Communication Systems

Basics of communications, networking, communication architectures, protocols and the likes. This is useful for those who wish to learn about anything regarding the physical transfer of data from one point to another and is recommended for those who wish to have a career in communications.

ELECTIVE:   Consumer Electronics

This course is aimed at those who wish to be involved in the installation and setting up of electronic equipment in practical scenarios. It also includes necessary precautions that you need to take in order to not injure yourself while working. Recommended if you love doing fieldwork.

ELECTIVE:  Microcontrollers and Applications

Microcontrollers and their Applications have always intrigued the fellow Electronics engineer. If you are interested in embedded systems, this elective deals with the different architectures in Microcontrollers, Serial I/O, the 8051 Microcontroller, Seven Segment display, LCD and case studies based on 8051. The new generation electronics industry thrives on microcontrollers, and it is extremely useful in the long run. However this subject, as any other subject offered by this branch, is not easy and be prepared for a good deal of research in order to succeed in this subject.

ELECTIVE:  Electronic Product Design and Packaging

This elective involves the basic study of electronic product detailing and finishing. From product planning, to packaging techniques, design techniques, PCB, cross talk and shielding, this elective is custom-made for the Electronic Designer. If you have always dreamt of designing the aesthetic electronic appliance, this elective might give you a head-start.

ELECTIVE:  Fundamentals of Data structures and Algorithms

Data Structures like stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, heaps and hash tables will be introduced and elaborated on. Easily one of the most important courses for the non-CSE/ICT folks as this plays a role in placements. A data structures course will be a feather in your hat as an engineer no matter what your major.

ELECTIVE: Design and Development of Web Applications

This subject offers Web essentials such as clients, servers and communication. It deals with syntax of HTML, developing web pages, VLINK, ALINK and various styles required to go along with it. Case studies include creating web pages using PHP and designing a web page using above mentioned scripting language. If you have always wanted to design your own web page, this elective will help you take your first step towards that idea. It is of excellent use in the long run.

ELECTIVE:  Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation
OFFERED BY:  Instrumentation and Control

This elective deals with the measurement system, basic principles of transducers, applications of temperature and pressure measurement, and miscellaneous measurements. For the instrumentation enthusiast this subject is quite the choice, but it involves a lot of learning and memory based study.

ELECTIVE:  Sensor Technology
OFFERED BY:  Instrumentation and control

Sensor Technology deals with basic study in the field of sensors – IR sensors, proximity sensors, characteristics of sensors and laser classification. If you are interested in the application of sensors in a particular project you’re undertaking, this might be the elective for you.

ELECTIVE:  Corrosion Engineering
OFFERED BY:  Mechanical

With rising GDPs come rising problems. One of them is the simple property of any natural material (especially construction material) to corrode over a period of time. This course aims to teach an engineer the knowledge of inhibiting and reversing corrosion in most materials. A must for students of Civil, Automobile and Aeronautical branches (especially in a diverse country like India), this course will greatly improve one’s CV and also help them later in the field when faced with designing certain structures/platforms.


ELECTIVE:  Introduction to Composite Materials
OFFERED BY:  Mechanical

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of composite materials for high performance structures from the point of view of aerospace engineering design, manufacturing, and repair. It is designed to address critical areas of composite technologies that focus on materials, manufacturing, mechanics, design, inspection, and repair. Probably one of the most underrated and important electives for structural designers.

ELECTIVE:  Internal Combustion Engines
OFFERED BY:  Mechanical

This course covers the fundamentals of how the design and operation of internal combustion engines affect their performance, operation, fuel requirements, and environmental impact. Topics include fluid flow, thermodynamics, combustion, heat transfer and friction phenomena, and fuel properties, with reference to engine power, efficiency, and emissions. For those who aspire to work in the automobile industry as well as hobbyists alike, this course is a great option. Students from branches like E&C, IT etc. who could specialize in specific subsystems of automobile design may find this course especially helpful.

ELECTIVE:  Energy Engineering
OFFERED BY:  Mechanical

This might come across as boring, but it is one easy elective. This deals mostly with different fuels used for steam generation, to the caricatures of a diesel engine, auxiliaries like the cooling and lubrication system, heaters, and energy systems like Nuclear power plant, solar, wind and biomass energy conversions. This elective is all about appreciating the limited energy in the planet and harnessing it the best way we can. Another underrated elective from the good folks from Mechanical Engineering.

ELECTIVE:  Fundamentals of Advertising
OFFERED BY:  Printing and Media

Easily one of the most scoring and enjoyable electives availed here. The course talks about the history and evolution of advertisements, making of advertisements, social and moral responsibility of advertisements, among other things. The elective delves into both Indian and foreign advertising agencies and how they have an impact on the society at large. The professor is immensely responsible for making the subject an interesting one. At any rate, this elective is going to take you on a joyride.

ELECTIVE:  Introduction to Robotics
OFFERED BY:  Mechatronics

Always fancied making a robot? This elective takes you right through the basics involved from sensors, to actuators, drives used in robotic systems, power, torque, robot configurations, and analysis of motors, robot dynamics, features and interactions. Learn to build your own robot!

ELECTIVE:  Film Studies
OFFERED BY:  Humanities

This one’s for the cineastes. If you prefer Wong Kar Wai or Satyajit Ray over Joss Whedon or Rohit Shetty, you’d be welcome here. This elective takes you deeper into the history of cinema and its making. The subject covers important multi-faceted aspects that make or break a film, its commercial and aesthetic facades and its technicalities. It also deals with the analysis of different genres of cinema, re-framing your mind set about aspects in movie-making. Having been taught by an excellent professor also in terms of attendance (wink) this elective might help you get the grade you much desire to fetch through your open elective.

ELECTIVE:  German for Beginners
OFFERED BY:  Humanities

Is learning a new language part of your bucket list? Well, this is the perfect chance to learn one from scratch and check it off. The syllabus covers basics of the language like Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, phrases etc. This course will give you an insight into the semantics of German.  By the end of the semester you will be able to understand German, at least. A very useful course for those wishing to work in countries where German is predominantly spoken. Generally opted by the smarter bunch given its high CGPA requirements (north of 8.5), it’s difficult to score a good grade in this elective.

ELECTIVE:  Advanced Communication Skills in English
OFFERED BY:  Humanities

*For Lateral entry students ONLY

This is one elective that is set aside for those who’ve missed out on this subject in first year i.e. the students under the lateral entry category. The elective covers important aspects in the English grammar, helps improve one’s presentation skills and vocabulary. It includes interactive group discussion sessions and one requires to give a presentation towards the end of the semester.

ELECTIVE:  Interpretation of Literary Texts
OFFERED BY:  Humanities

An elective which involves breaking down works of literature and analysing them from a critical point of view with respect to the message being conveyed, the literary tools used to achieve such an end, and the extent to which the intended message is conveyed by an author. This is known to be one of the tougher courses in Humanities and the scoring is quite frugal. Being an arts course, it also barely has any practical applications in the job market. But if you’re a fan of the archaic texts and read books to bask in the pleasures of metaphors and other literary tools used in them, this course is for you. The professor might be a tad bit strict, but from the rumours he is pretty cool about attendance. For the avid reader in you, this subject is perfect.

ELECTIVE:  Intercultural Communication
OFFERED BY:  Humanities

Well, it is just as interesting as it sounds. Ever wanted to study about interacting in a diverse world, understanding various cultures, alternate views of reality or cultural stereotypes? Then this subject is tailored for you. From cultural metaphors to intercultural business communication, role of languages to influence of various cultures, every aspect of this subject seems thought-provoking at best.

ELECTIVE:  Public Speaking
OFFERED BY:  Humanities

Fact: after spiders, human beings are most afraid of public speaking. This course not just helps you get over it but also excel in it. It helps elevate your communication skills and is an elective worth giving a shot, since speaking skills are required everywhere in life. You can expect to become a decent orator at the end of this course. The end semester exam will make you write a paper that’ll make your fingers hurt, though with decent effort an A+ or A is achievable.

ELECTIVE:  Introduction to Psychology
OFFERED BY:  Humanities

This is a new elective and is easily one of the most fascinating subjects, this course covers the rudimentary principles of why human beings behave the way they do. Though, it’s extremely theoretical and may involve a lot of mugging up. If you want a formal, classroom teaching of psychology, rather than a practical one, this is for you.

ELECTIVE:  Analytical Methods and Instrumentation
OFFERED BY:  Chemistry

If you’re the Breaking Bad chemist, this elective is not for you. Electron Magnetic Resonance, Nuclear Magnetic resonance, spectroscopy, chromatographic techniques and electro-analytical methods are topics diversely taught under this elective. If the physics behind Infrared rays, UV rays and potentiometric titrations has always enthralled you, this elective might just be your pick.

ELECTIVE:  Fundamentals of Astronomy and Astrophysics
OFFERED BY:  Physics

Even though your dreams of becoming an astronaut are almost over now, you can still venture the galaxies with this course. This subject has an extremely interesting course plan. Studying about properties of ordinary stars, stellar distances, colours, sequence, pulsars and about black holes-this elective is indeed as fascinating as it looks. From the Big Bang Theory, to dark matter and cosmology this elective has everything to stimulate your mind. Also, did we mention how incredibly scoring this course is?

ELECTIVE:  Physics of Materials
OFFERED BY:  Physics

This elective is divided into three parts- Nanomaterials, composite materials and semiconductors. It talks about every material, its deeper secrets, synthesis to characterization and applications. The nanomaterials, plasma techniques, lasers, quantum dots, fullerenes and the optical methods used to test them form a basic portion of this elective. This subject also has matrices, polymers, elastics and other composites and a detailed study of different types of semiconductors. If these sciences have always intrigued you, this elective is worth a try. The syllabus is massive, though.


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