Blindfolded Conversations by the Psych Club

On the auspicious occasion of the Republic Day, the Psych Club of Manipal University (MU) introduced an intriguing activity to the students of MU by bringing to life the proverb “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”The Blindfolded Conversations event took place from 4pm to 6pm on the grassy area near Venugopal Temple (VGT), and had a Bring your own blindfold (BYOB) rule.

On arrival, the students were asked to put on their blindfolds and sit down on the grass, following which, a member of the club escorted them to other blindfolded people with whom they had to engage in conversations with, without giving away their names. The conversations had to last approximately 15-20 minutes, and whenever a pair could not keep their conversation going, they were asked to raise their hands and seek help from the members. After the conversations were done, each pair had the option of either removing their blindfolds and revealing themselves to their partner, or keeping the blindfolds on. The activity gave students an opportunity to judge others beyond their physical semblance which otherwise might have lead them to believe in a reality which is false. The students wanted to do the activity more than once as they were amazed by the effects that the activity had on them.

“We will probably try holding the event every semester now,” said Aditi, General Secretary of the Psych Club. Around 150 students registered for the event, though the turnout had crossed 200. The event was inspired by a group in Bangalore which conducted several blindfolded conversations, though on a professional level.  Since the event’s success, the club hopes to bring the group down from Bangalore to conduct the event so that the students can learn more from it.


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