Conscendo 2017- Day 2

25th February, 2017
KMC Greens adorned quite a beguiling semblance on the second day of Conscendo, a two-day managerial fest organized by the Department of Commerce. This was the sixth edition of the fest, attended by a multitude of management students across the globe.

Khadija Harris, an event head, mentioned that after a gruelling chain of selection rounds, the cultural night was meant to be a relatively more relaxing session, to really get the contestants to unwind.

“We had a pretty good turn-up. Most participants came from Delhi,Bangalore, Mangalore, Goa, Hyderabad. Last year, we even had management students coming in from the UAE! They underwent a sum total of six rounds, namely finance, HR, PR, marketing, logistics and supply chain.There’s also a Best Manager round, which is particularly exciting.”
The final culture event promised a night packed with dynamic performances comprising singing, dancing and comedy. Needless to say, organizing an event of this magnitude was not plain sailing. The Best Manager Event Head, Rithika accompanied by fellow event heads Manya and Aparna had this to say:
“We’ve been working tirelessly for the last two months to make the event a success.

All of the events are constructed to be extremely stressful, and they’re adjudicated by our alumnus or experienced HR and PR managers, who’ll be able to deliver a first-hand account on what it takes to make it in the business arena.

The participants are supplied with assignments, each dealing with their respective event. They’re meant to draw parallels to a real-life scenario that the budding managers might encounter in their prospective career. The final round of the Best Manager event turned out to be exceptionally entertaining,
“When you’re out into the real world trying to hold your own, you really need to learn how to keep your cool. with the judges shouting orders and trying their best to make the participants crack under the pressure, the finalists must prove just how well they can seek and achieve clarity amongst the clamour and disturbance all around. It’s too much harassment for two days. The rounds commenced the previous morning and drew to a close at 3 o’clock. After putting the participants through a lot of stress in the Best Manager event, the organizers followed up with a cultural night aimed to de-stress and relax the participants, and leave them with cherished memories of a time well spent.

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