Disha Day

Equality and freedom are ideals that the modern society has been constructed on. Even while certain evils like racism and gender discrimination continue to pervade, steps must be taken to ensure that these evils do not limit our abilities. Children, especially, are far away from these social bounds and inequalities. There is no right and wrong for them, other than what they can define by themselves. This simplicity makes them a formidable force, and a lesson to us all.


But not everyone has the freedom of equal opportunity and healthy mentorship. To change this, MIT’s RedX Team held an event on the 7th of April called ‘Disha Day’. “Disha”, in Hindi meaning direction, which was the very objective of this event; to help a number of underprivileged children in learning and showcasing their talents, and to inspire them to continue honing their skills in this regard.


This event included a number of activities for these children, such as singing, dancing, and crafts. There couldn’t be a better way to spread smiles and lighten the day with a million giggles and waves of laughter. This event helps in bringing about a movement of change, and makes a real difference to the lives of underprivileged people.

The impact of this event was very much recognized by the college, with the Director Dr. G K Prabhu and dignitaries coming down to spend some quality time with the children. His presence and conversation has been a great motivation to the students organising and the scores of children participating.


We would like to congratulate the RedX team on their effort and the colours that it has borne. The team is contributing greatly to providing an opportunity to these children by mentoring them in the right direction.



Written by Qais Akolawala

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