Ek Sureeli Shaam: Goonj’s Antakshari

Goonj, the first of its kind official Hindi club of Manipal, organised their biannual event, Antakshari, on the 8th of September (Thursday). Held in NLH 303 from 5:30 p.m., the event attracted a large number of people – as participants as well as audience. The registration for the event required paying a very minimal amount of Rs 40 per team, each comprising of two people.

There were two broad rounds – the preliminary round, the qualifying teams of which would make it to the next round, i.e., the final round. The preliminary round was further divided into four rounds: the first, where participants had to identify the Hindi song translated in English, the second where they had to name the actor and the movie for the given dialogues, the third, a very creative one, required participants to figure out the name of the movie from a set of WhatsApp emoticons placed in a certain order, and the fourth round was a general Bollywood quiz.


Seven teams qualified the preliminary round and then began a fierce, fun and healthy final round. From rounds like Geet Gaata Chal, where the participants had to continue a song by picking up from the words strung together and displayed, to the buzzer round in the end; from the many interesting rounds in between like Joru Ka Ghulaam and Shabd Jaal, to the frequent questions for the audience, the organisers of the event made sure that no one was left out.


The turnout for the antakshari was huge


The charm of the evening was burgeoned by the presence of Dr G.K. Prabhu (Director, MIT), his wife, Mrs Malini Prabhu, Dr Veena Maben (Associate Director, MIT), Mr Suhas Kowshik (Faculty, Mechanical & Manufacturing Department, MIT) and Mr Satyakam (Faculty, Electrical & Electronics Department, MIT). Also a big shout-out goes to the anchors of the evening, Inkita Tewari and Ananye Shukla who did a great job in making the evening as lively as possible. The PowerPoint presentations were on point and the did an excellent job with the publicity judging by the sheer number of people who turned up for the event. The bracket during the totaling of points was devoted to a session of music and Shayari. Mr Suhas Kowshik cast his spell by singing one of the most beautiful songs of all time. The first prize was bagged by Ankur Kumar Choudhary and Abhishek. Two teams were tied for the second position. After a tie-breaker round, Shashank Jain and Archit Malpani walked away with the second prize.


The Director, his wife and Veena Maben ma’am have a good time at the event



While Suhas sir performs.


In a place as culturally diverse as Manipal, where it is very easy to lose yourself in the crowd, it is really nice to see students working to keep their own culture alive. Kudos, Goonj!

-Priyanjali Roychoudhury for MTTN, with inputs from Nikhil Singh, Goonj.


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