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In today’s world, visual branding is deemed to be important for not just the sake of publicity, but also an image. The same goes for a college fest, which is why we caught up with the Graphics category – the folks who give the fest its face. We engaged in a quick conversation with Sannidhya Srivastava, Bapi Raju, and Manoj Bhat – three-fifths of the core committee. Missing in action were Anshul Jain, and Arif Ahmad (the artist behind the logo of Revels ’17).

How long have you been in the Graphics category?

Sannidhya: Personally, I have been in the category since I joined college. First as a volunteer, then as an organizer, and finally a category head. It’s actually a great feeling.

Bapi: We’re all in this because this is what we love to do. More than just a line in our CVs, this is what we are passionate about.

Why is the Graphics category so important?

Manoj: A lot of the energy in the fest comes from the visual appeal of all the printed material around. So visual aesthetics is something we must give the due importance to. Everything you see around – the posters, the banners, the logos – are designed by us. From the first announcement of the fest to the last day, our work can be seen. The brochures we send to other colleges are designed by us. So it is an important job.

What are the challenges that you faced this time?

Sannidhya: Working for Graphics was still far easier than what it was during TechTatva. We usually have issues with the Student Council over the designs. But since our batchmates are a part of the council, they are far more reasonable. Though they should really trust our judgment, and let us decide which designs look good and which don’t. We are the designers, and have been doing this for quite some time now. Yet, Darshan was quite helpful to us.

Bapi: Sometimes we don’t get all the information on time. For the sports brochure, I had to re-design it, churning out revisions as a new rule would get added or deleted. The final brochure was designed as late as 5th March.

How did the typo creep into the shirt?

Manoj (laughs): You know it’s not our fault, right? Long story short, it is the printing agency who messed it up. We sent them the correct files and on time. Yet the shirts arrived late with two typos on it. Even the design was supposed to be significantly bigger, in the centre.

Sannidhya: This particular contact asked us for a printed version of the design, which he got traced and printed on the shirts. That is really not how it works.

How was it working with the organizers?

Sannidhya: They were good. What pleased us more is that a lot of the old, established designers took a back seat, while the new ones stepped up. Some of the organizers have shown us an exponential growth. We can easily say the Graphics category is in safe hands.



–  by Agnihotra Bhattacharya for MTTN

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