Vedanth 6.0

Creativity is thinking up new things, and innovation is doing them. When the two things  meet, miracles happen. One such miraculous event was Vedanth. When like minds meet and aspire to achieve a goal, impossible merely becomes another word in the dictionary that holds no meaning. Vedanth 6.0 was very successful in doing the same. The exhibition showcased new ideas and their unique implementations.

The following is the list of the innovative ideas that were presented

Paper Piano

Have you ever thought of a paper piano? Yes, a piano made up of paper, and a camera. This, being an application of computer vision, used the human and computer interaction as the basis of their idea.


Web rover

It was a small surveillance robot with an in-built robotic arm and multiple sensing modalities that was being controlled with an Android app. The Android app was self-made and suited the functionalities of the rover.


Wireless Sensor Networking in Agriculture

One of the best ways to improve agriculture and prevent the rotting of crops would be to detect the amount of moisture in air.  This formed the basis of the project. With sensors placed at the right places, this idea had a very useful purpose to serve.

Motion-based message conveyor

This establishes yet another relationship between the human world and the digital world. The idea and the implementation of this project was based on controlling the screen cursor using hand without touching the keyboard.



The project stood true to its name. It used sensors and motion pressing units to take all the movement of the hand and the fingers and transmit the data using Bluetooth. The transmitter end had an exact motion on a replicated arm.

Smart medikit

This project was based on the idea of taking medicines on time. It was a device that helps the elderly and the forgetful take their medicines in the right amount at the right time. It keeps track of the patient’s medical needs and dispenses the required medicines as needed.

Self tracking telescope

Imagine a telescope that automatically points towards the direction of the constellation as the name of the constellation is entered. This project was built on that idea. It had a completely autonomous telescope capable of locking on and tracking planets or constellations that move at extremely slow speeds.


Cloth folding machine

Precisely what it says on the can, it indeed was a machine that helped in folding clothes. A cost efficient and easy way of making room for other clothes.

All terrain

This project was based on creating a system that could avoid obstacles and find its most efficient way to a place when given the coordinates of the destination.

Automatic Aquarium

Plan on buying an aquarium but scared of not being able to maintain it? Here’s the perfect solution. This project is aimed at a system that feeds the fish the right amount of food at the right time.


Gesture Imitation of a humanoid

This project is yet another example of how technology can change the human race for the better. The actions done in front of the camera could be easily imitated by the robot in demonstration.


It stands for vehicular AdHoc network. The aim of this project was to prevent accidents at road intersections. In this particular project, the individual cars had sensors that detected the proximity of one car to the other and made them stop automatically once they got close.

Vedanth 6.0 was a true testimony to the innovation and intelligence resting in MIT’s students. It showcased skills that we would not believe the average MIT-ian could possess and showed us that there are innovators everywhere among us.

Shravani Vyakarnam for MTTN

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