TechTatva ’17: Behind the Scenes with the Workshops Category

There isn’t much to fiction if it’s not made into reality with technical know-how. The Workshops category took this seriously as they meticulously planned up to 8 workshops for pre-TechTatva this year, with the goal of imparting essential technical skills across several disciplines. We had a conversation with the category heads Meghana Dharmapuri, and Srishti Goyal, and coordinators Rishab Surendran, and Rudraneel Das.

How did you select the various workshops?
We observed that most of the popular workshops were from the CSE, and ICT departments, in the past years. Hence, we made sure we had more workshops from these two departments. We tried to pick up fields that people would be already interested in, such as the haptic arm workshop, or the ethical hacking workshop.

What helped you grow from 4 workshops in the last TechTatva, to 8 this time?
We initially were set to have 9 workshops but unfortunately one got cancelled. We tried to incorporate as many departments in the workshops as possible. For example, the haptic arm workshop involves electrical, mechanical, and computers. Aeronautical, and automobile were covered in the MATLAB workshop. We were very fortunate to have Mathworks with us. The Student Council helped out a lot, and provided us with all the contacts needed.

Would you say you’re pleased with the turnout across the workshops?
Yes, we are! We were expecting an average of 30-40 participants per workshop, but we were surprised with the turnout. The ethical hacking workshop saw about 72 participants.

How was it working with the organisers, and SC? Any challenges you faced?
It was a good experience overall. The organisers worked hard, and didn’t bail out till the end. The Council was also very cooperative, and usually scheduled meetings as per our convenience.

What was your favourite workhop?
Ethical hacking. Mainly because it had a huge turnout.

– interviewed by Gaurangi Gupta
– Photograph by Agnihotra Bhattacharya

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