Freshers’ Guide to Hostels (Boys)

MIT Hostels: your home away from home. When it comes to living in a college hostel, there can only be two kinds of people: those who love it, and those who have never lived in one. So as a first year it becomes very important to fully know your place of accommodation before you choose it, or as usually happens, it is chosen for you. Here are the options available for the freshers who are joining this year:




The 5th Block


The 6th Block

These are one of the oldest boys’ hostels in the Manipal campus and are now reserved exclusively for freshers. Called the most convenient blocks due to their close proximity to most of the major campus areas like the Food Court and the upcoming Student Plaza (the erstwhile Kamath Circle).

Rooms: There are 4 floors in each block, including the basement floor all having well-furnished NON-AC rooms. Each floor has its own common bathroom to be shared by all the students. The two types of rooms available are double-sharing and triple-sharing. The common bathrooms are pretty bearable and get cleaned by the Spiffy cleaners every morning. Hot water is only available for the taps though, which sadly means that you will never be able to indulge in a hot shower.

Location: This is the factor for which the 5th and the 6th blocks are considered to be the best by many of the first year students. Be it the academic blocks, the food court or Kamath Circle- it’s just a walking distance from all of them, a fact which late risers will surely appreciate.

Wi-Fi: While its location is an amazing pro, the Wi-Fi is a really big con and the sixth block is rather infamous in this respect. The speed is decent at the best of times; you get a meagre 50kbps on an average during the day and a proper 110kbps during early morning (2 AM – 5 AM). The main difficulty is the weak connectivity of the routers which leads to disconnection more than often.

Discipline: The freedom in the sixth block could be a deal breaker. Due to comparatively less number of occupants than the other boys’ blocks, the caretakers are able to recognize almost most of the students by their face within a couple of months, which means repeated violation of rules such as perm-time could be liable to get you in trouble. But on the whole, the caretakers are usually very understanding.

Night Canteens: The 5th or the 6th block do lack a night canteen, but they do have an in-block mess. Also being so close to the Food Court, the Kitchen, and Snack Point, the matter of food gets taken care of. The only con of not having a night canteen is that during the late-night sessional study sessions, you’ll have to order food from outside the block to curb your hunger pangs.

Utilities: Due to the smaller number of occupants, there exists one TV room, and one TT room, in each block. The TV room is mostly used during football matches and important cricket matches. Although this can be really frustrating for football fans- the caretakers tend to close the TV room after 10pm, unless of course there’s a football match on; in which case a fight is sure to ensue between supporters. Both the TV and the TT rooms have enough space to hold a crazy TT tournament or an angry India supporting crowd on a match day. There are no modern gym or weight rooms like the 18th block or multiple TV rooms like the 16th, 17th and 18th.




The 16th Block


The 17th Block

The two blocks are almost mirror images of each other. Among the more comfortable boys’ blocks of the college, the 16th block is notorious for hosting one of the toughest wardens around, he-who-cannot-be-named. With their off-putting distance as well as the overall adherence to rules and curfews these blocks turn a few heads, but they more than makeup with its quality of rooms, decent Wi-Fi speeds, and the view from their rooms overlooking the valley.

Rooms: Every room in both the blocks is exactly the same, (save for the middle ones that come with an almost obscene amount of space) with an attached bathroom, the only differences being between Single/Double and AC/Non-AC. Having ample space with newer furniture, these rooms are quite aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The bathrooms are also pleasant, with most of them receiving hot water around the clock.

Location: Being among the newer hostels, blocks 16th and 17th are located quite far from the Food Court and the academic blocks. The distance to the latter is a little more than a kilometer and the walking time is approximately 10 minutes and 18 minutes respectively. More than the long distance is the incredibly in-your-face walk up the steep slopes, at the bottom of which this block sits. Although, within a month or two, everyone gets acclimatized to the arduous walk.

Wi-Fi: The Wi-Fi in these blocks has its bad moments, with the random and unpredictable drops and occasional surges; but during its peak hours (maximum speed, minimum users) the Wi-Fi is fast enough to play YouTube videos at 360-720p. During the day between lecture hours and post-midnight, the speeds are reasonably fast with downloads maxing 150 kbps (upgradable to 550 kbps).  A few rooms that are not close enough to the routers are doomed with permanent bad internet, but that can be fixed with a simple complain to the authorities.

Discipline: With Block 16th’s no-nonsense warden, the bending of rules is tougher and consequently more punishable. Among the other blocks, 16th is most prone to surprise checks and visits from the warden, but by no means does this entail that the amount of freedom or competence for ‘jugaad’ is diminished. It just necessitates a more careful and wary eye when indulging in pesky pandemonium. On the other hand, Block 17th is extremely chill as the warden almost never visits and the caretakers are pretty friendly.

Night Canteens: These blocks come with a good range of assorted snacks that are enough to keep immediate hunger at bay. Packets of chips, biscuits, and instant noodles are available along with other heavier snacks including a couple of rolls and a few egg items. You even get ice-creams and a few beverages. The night canteen is open from noon to 2 AM, but with most of the food arriving later in the evening, its full use is availed after dinner, during nightly hunger pangs. Apart from this the 17th block also has a restaurant in the basement that serves Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Utilities: 3 TV rooms along with 3 TT rooms are spaced evenly across each block, alternating as you move from the top down. The TV rooms are decent and more than sufficient to catch those late night, high profile matches. The only drawback being that this block does not have the modest weight room or any gym equipment unlike those present in the 18th block. The famed Spiffy crew that are in charge of all cleanliness are top-notch, with the rooms being cleaned every alternate day on request.



Rooms: The 18th Block boasts of ‘Deluxe’ rooms, that is, one common attached bathroom for every two rooms, with a common room attached with a washing sink. The rooms are for single occupancy and are well fitted with new furniture, whiteboards and notice boards. Since half the rooms face the valley towards the east, one can wake up either to amazing sunrises or to the road winding up to Food Court, which isn’t that bad either given the fact they are some of the coolest non-AC rooms. The common room can be used flexibly; some use it to air their laundry (and save money) while others use it to cook, given the availability of a sink. The bathrooms, needless to say, get hot water round the clock.

Location: The major drawback of the block is that it is the farthest from the Academic area, with the route being riddled with two steep slopes. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get to the NLH from this block. On the other hand, this isolation also makes it one of the most peaceful blocks. But this block also has the fastest access to the 18th Block Back Gate. So if you’re ever late for class, you can always quickly take an auto from the back gate.

Wi-Fi: Since one router is being shared by only two people, the Wi-Fi speeds in this block is unparalleled by any other block. There are almost no server downtimes, and the speed is consistently good. Hello 720p YouTube video.

Discipline: This is one of the most relaxed blocks ever. You can waltz in up to 30 minutes late, debilitated and yet not get penalised (not that we promote this behaviour in any form). Raids in this block is a rarity. The warden is almost never been seen in the block, which is good news for a certain subset of people (not that we promote that behaviour either).

Night Canteens: The block lacks a night canteen, but thankfully enough it is in the closest proximity to Campus Grill. So if you’re hankering for a grub post-midnight, don’t you worry, just make sure you have their number. But do make sure to store up on snacks if you’re the kind of person who needs something to eat now and then. Utilize the common room available to you and your roommate, and make yourself some food.

Utilities: This block, being a small one, has one Table Tennis room, one TV room, and one weight room with considerable gym equipment. And of course, Spiffy is in charge of the cleanliness, and will clean your room every alternate day on request.

– by the MTTN Staff

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  • Meher

    Hey in the 16th block, which rooms have the worst wifi(room nos.) and what do people do during surprise checking or where do they hide stuff which has to be hidden(not really bad things like drugs but anything)

    • About rooms, it really depends on your luck. The access points for WiFi have been spread across the whole hostel in a particular fashion. Now there can be cases where your room may be a bit far away from the nearest access point which will be rarely the case. Whatever it is, you will get a good enough connection. If at all you are not satisfied, you can give the ION customer care a call and with some luck, they should fix even your very small problems.

      Regarding surprise checks, don’t keep anything you may have to hide from the administration. You are coming to this college with loads of other people and I would simply request you to maintain some boundaries.

      • Manisha Verma

        Are items like ironing press and electric kettle required and allowed in block 16 and 17?

  • Hulk Bulk

    how far is block 18 from block 17

  • Pradyumna Deokate

    how the students living in 5th n 6th blocks use gym facility?

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