Nights in Hostel: A First Look

We have all faced the fear of living away from home. And spending nights without our beloved bed is something hard to digest. Will I be able to sleep properly? How would I adjust in a hostel? These questions keep poking at us before joining a college. But believe me, once you’ve lived enough in hostel, you’ll miss it every time you’re home.

Perm Time

The first thing you need to get accustomed to is the hostel perm time. While the first-year students must be inside the hostels before 9:30 PM, the seniors enjoy the outer freedom till 11:30PM (if they happen to be male) or 10:30 PM. Signing the attendance register daily is compulsory, lack of which has its own consequences.

Your Room

If you choose a double-sharing room, your roommate influences your nightlife largely. He/she might be the early to bed, early to rise kind or the insomniac one. Almost everyone falls into the latter category soon after joining hostel. While everyone believes sleepless nights improve productivity, they’re very often actually spent in chatting and scrolling social sites. If it comes to you naturally, well and good, but even if you don’t see it happening soon, try to sleep.


Deny it all you want but every human needs at-least six hours of sleep every day. Yes, even an engineer! And trying to do something productive by sacrificing sleep won’t lead you anywhere, except during examinations of course. If you don’t want to spend the forthcoming day all dizzy and low, lie down on the bed and try to sleep. Stop thinking about the surprise quiz you haven’t prepared for or about the girl you saw but couldn’t muster courage to talk to. SLEEEEP!

Pro tip: Bring 2-3 single bedsheets from home. Buy pillows in Manipal the day you arrive.

Note: Remove the bedsheet a day before your birthday.

Still here? I guess you already know that that’s not everything about life in hostels, which brings me to the actual list.

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Alright you guessed it right, now stop being a sexist. Yes, I am a boy and gaming is the first thing I can think of. Gaming scenes are quite intense in boys hostels and you can find a gamer in pretty much every room, valid post-September after the university laptops are distributed. FIFA and Counter Strike are the two most popular multiplayer games followed by Blur and DotA. If you are interested in gaming, which you should be, buy a decent gaming controller like the Logitech F310 Gamepad. Gaming contests are held frequently.


Whether it’s the assignment that worries you or the homesickness, food is the solution to everything. There’s a canteen in every hostel, providing tea-coffee, chips etc., which are open till 12AM normally. But if wish to have a meal, you can always order from the several night-canteens and messes which deliver  food to your hostel. If it’s way past time to order or you’re broke (like always), you can always give a shot to cooking in an electric kettle which you are allowed to keep. Maggi is definitely there, but there are several other stuff to try with an electric kettle.

TV Shows

Now this is the field every college teen takes an interest in. TV shows rule your everyday talks and are a perfect way to get through the night. Which TV show to watch depends on your favourite genre though the most watched ones would be FRIENDS, Game of Thrones, HIMYM, BBT and Suits. If you are an Anime fanatic, a whole another world awaits you. Try not to finish a season in a day, keep patience. College is also the time to step off the beaten track in your TV show-viewing. Rest assured there’s someone on your floor with a hard disk containing shows you’ve never even heard of. So don’t be afraid to diversify and check out new shows too.


Not the best thing to do during the night but surely the most important. Assignments are basically your academic progress trackers and the source of surprise quiz questions. Honestly, the compulsion to solve them will leave your soul after the first assignment. But if you are up for the challenge, solve the assignments. Moreover, you can write the solutions in a separate notebook which will definitely help you during examinations.


College is the best time to discover yourself and night is the best time to surf the internet. Instead of watching movies and other stuff, look for your interests. You can learn absolutely everything on the internet, even how to hack your college Wi-Fi. Find an interesting course on Udacity, edX or The Khan Academy. Or learn some new language on Duolingo. Or maybe a musical instrument.

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This is quite essential for your early days in college. Away from home, your college friends become your family. Homesickness doesn’t leave by itself, it takes time. Everyone you are friends with was a stranger once, same applies to college. Don’t hesitate in bringing your hand forward and introducing yourself. Interact with the new people you meet, make friends. You never know how long and deep a friendship will develop.

-Ayush Agrawal for MTTN

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