How To Register For Makeup Examinations


The blissful feeling you get after handing in your last paper of the end semester exams tags along with you on the journey home. It lingers as you wake up late in the mornings and abuse your PlayStation. Then results arrive and the feeling is violently killed because you’ve failed an exam or two and now have to travel back to Manipal – a place you weren’t hoping to see quite so soon. Makeup exams. Only few other three-word combinations can sound so dreadful

Well, now that you’ve accepted your fate, cancelled your old tickets and booked your new ones, you need to register for the subjects you have an F (grade) about.

Important Dates:

Revaluation Deadline
Last day to apply for revaluation of ‘F’ grade subjects 16th May 2017
Paper seeing (Reval) of F grade subjects 20th May 2017
Revaluation Results 27th May 2017
Last day to apply for makeup exam 5th June 2017
Makeup exams start 12th June 2017
Click here to download the makeup Exam Timetable
Makeup examination Results 4th July 2017
Makeup Revaluation
Last day to apply for revaluation of ‘F’ grade Makeup subjects 7th July 2017
Paper seeing of F grade makeup subjects 12th July 2017
Makeup Revaluation Results 17th July 2017
Commencement of classes 24th July 2017

How to apply for Revaluation (Paper Seeing) for F grade subjects

Download the application form here. Fill it out, scan it, and send it to the above-mentioned email address (refer to Method #2) with the proof of payment. You can pay in the following ways:

  1. Through the University Website:
  2. Through the State Bank of India’s State Bank Collect Facility: > State Bank Collect > Karnataka > Education Institutions > Manipal University
  3. By Demand Draft: In favour of “Manipal University” payable at Udupi/Manipal. Do write your name and registration number at the back side of your DD).  Finally, post it to the above-mentioned address (again, refer to Method #2).

The payable fee is 750 Rupees per subject for revaluation.

How to register for makeup exams

Method #1

This method requires that you have a friend in Manipal/Udupi who either owes you one or is willing to do you a favour. Call them up, ask them to fill out the form for you and pay the required amount, by a challan from ICICI bank, at the academic section. Then promise to pay your friend back later, though you don’t really have to follow through on this.

Method #2

Go to (keep in mind, this is only for studs)
Enter your details to login and select Fee Kart on the left-hand column.
Follow the instructions there to pay by debit/credit card and attach the receipt along with your application when you send it in.

Old DD method:

This is the most boring method of the lot, but it is was also the official way to do it. Download the makeup form here, take a printout and fill it up. You then need to get a demand draft (DD) made addressed to ‘Manipal University, Manipal’ payable at Manipal. It’s 550 rupees per subject (UG) and 850 rupees per subject (PG). Scan both of these documents (or take photos of them) and email them to after which you should post these documents to the following address:

The Academic Section
MIT, Manipal
Karnataka 576104

The advantage of this method is that your hall-ticket will be ready by the time you reach. That might not be the case if you decide to go with the following.

Method #3

This isn’t really a proper method, but you can actually register in person after you land in Manipal. Of course, you will have crossed the last date to apply for the makeup exams (which is the 5th June 2017). Though you can try and convince them to let you register anyway. Everything else is the same. Fill out the form, get a challan from ICICI and submit the documents at the academic section. We only recommend doing this if you’re reading this after 5th June 2017, if you live outside of the country or if you’re feeling particularly lazy. Do drop them an email ahead of time if you’re planning on doing this.
Remember, the last date to apply for the makeup exams by the first two methods is the 5th June, 2017. So unless you’re a daring and rebellious individual, send in your forms and blackmail your friends before then.

The official ‘instructions’ PDF can be downloaded here.


All the best, guys.

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    • Manu Naik

      The fee for UG make up exams is 550/- per subject.

  • Anon

    The official pdf clearly states 300 as the makeup fee. So why is it stated as 550 in the article?

    • Manu Naik

      The PDF that’s been linked to the article says it’s 550/- per subject. You’re probably looking at an older version of it.

      • Anon

        Yea, sorry. My browser was opening the older version.

  • anonymous

    What if i mail the documents before 24th but post it after 24th?

    • Manu Naik

      The email with the photos of the documents should reach them by the 24th of December. The documents should reach them by post on or before the 28th of December.

  • v s krishnan

    The earlier version of the notice also mentioned that the DD for the makeup should be drawn in favor of “DIRECTOR MIT MANIPAL” as against the new version of the notice which says it should be in favour of “MANIPAL UNIVERSITY”.

    Hope both are ok ?

    • Manu Naik

      Both should be fine but we recommend going with the one stated in the newer PDF.

      • HIRANSHU


  • Ankita

    Hi, I am in 4th year and have to give maths 1. which syllabus should i prepare for? math old syllabus or new.? if new ,can you post the course plan?

  • Curious

    Is it necessary to make the DD through ICICI Bank or any other bank will do?

  • Aman

    What if someone fails in the make up examination?
    Will they have to re-register and attend classes next year??

  • Krishnan

    It asks for a username and password to the ‘instructions’ page. How do I find out my username and password?

    • prattusha

      Your username is your fullname(in blocks)@applicationnumber eg-XYZ@304568 and your password is the application number.

  • Nayanika

    For first year how much is the fees for re-evaluation? Is it 500 per subject or 750 as mentioned for paper seeing

    • prattusha

      For Reval the revised fees is 750 rupees.

      • soham

        But the revised Re-evaluation form quotes its ‘500’ per subject.

        • soham

          yes its 750 on the webpage and 500 on the form.

  • Abhinav

    Is there any way to get revaluation done for non-F grades (I.e. who’ve cleared a subject but expect a better grade)?

  • Anirudh

    after i pay for re-evaluation (personal paper seeing), how and where do i attach my filled re-evaluation form?

  • A

    For the even semester, if we email them the scanned image of dd and the application before 18th but the post will reach late would it be accepted??

  • A

    for this session of even semester what if we email them the scanned copies but the post will reach a little late, say 20th. Would that cause an issue??

  • Ratnil

    Thanks for the update about online payment of make-up fees. Saved me from going to the bank in this heat. Just one doubt in the fee kart section we have to select exam fee as option as i cannot see any specific option for make-up fees?

  • asdasd


  • Mohammed Zihan

    Can I write makeup to improve grades even if I have cleared my subjects ?

    • john

      No. You cannot.

  • sam

    thanks a lot
    you guys are a savior!!

  • Bakanyan

    I have lost my hall ticket for the end sem after the exam. Will I need it for make up exam? Please reply, thanks! If it is needed, how do I get another one?

    • Peeyush Chauhan

      No, you will get a new hall ticket from the academic section once you register for make-up exams.

    • Gaurav Chatterjee

      No it will not be needed. They will issue you a fresh one and you will have to take it anytime before the exam from academic section ab1

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