Sorabh Pant : A Night of Hilarity


“I’m not just a stand-up comedian. I’m also a world class model. Model for Doctor Batra’s.”

Sorabh Pant was an absolute riot, leaving the audience in tears after his set.

He left no stone unturned with jokes ranging from the sex life of mechanical engineers (or lack thereof) to declaring his massive respect and admiration for our beloved director, Dr. G.K.Prabhu.

“It’s rare to find an engineering college where the students genuinely like their faculty!” remarked Mr. Pant.

Claiming to be the only man to have ever got a refund from Dr. Batra’s, Sorabh Pant did not hesitate before firing shots at both himself as well as his unsuspecting audience. He picked on the Punjabis, the Bengalis, the South Indians…well, it’s safe to say nobody could say that they were left out! He even went as far as to comment on our trustworthy ION internet; where nothing is blocked and nothing loads!

Beginning with the capital of Manipal, the one and only: DeeTee, he humored the different cities of India, especially Hyderabad “which is like a constitutionally approved threesome!”

He certainly flattered the ladies in the house, when he commented that Indian women were classier than their counterparts, explaining the need for arranged marriages. “If ‘How I Met Your Mother’ had been shot in India, it would end like this: Kids, I met your mother on”, remarked Mr. Pant.

“Aren’t Indian mothers the best?”, this rhetorical question was met with much applause from the nostalgic crowd as they reminisced over their mother’s home made food and the never ending “Aur khao na, beta”. However the feeling of nostalgia was soon replaced with giddiness when Sorabh commented “There is a line between hospitality and molestation, and there is an Indian mother standing there.”

The highlight of the night was probably when he mimicked Sanitary napkin advertisements, enacting out the transformation of a crippled girl to an over-enthusiastic skate-boarding, tennis playing athlete, all with the help of a ‘glorified tissue paper’.


“An Indian is never late. He’s always just five minutes away”, truer words could not have been spoken!

The evening ended with a Q and A session, where the audience was given a chance to ask him questions about his life, or life in general. “I’ll be your Oprah Winfrey for the night. Your bald Oprah Winfrey”, joked Mr. Pant.

Audience member: How did your parents react to this unusual career choice? Were they supportive?

Sorabh Pant: My mom pretty much gave up on me. It was pretty easy after that! But jokes apart, my parents supported me once they realized I was serious about this and that I had a passion for it.

Audience member: Did you have a backup plan? I mean, if stand up had not taken off.
Sorabh Pant: You’re basically saying ‘Bhai. This isn’t working for you. Time for a change’, aren’t you?

Well, I’ve already got a couple of ‘back up’ plans in action. I’m doing a show right now and I’ve also written a best seller. That is, I’m trying my best to sell it!


When asked about his road to stardom, he confessed “I’ve been doing stand up for 8 years, 22 shows are coming up in this month itself, in 18 different places. I found my calling, I guess, and I hung on. I never let go. Daastan. Everybody has a story. Well, my story is just a pure coincidence.”

The unforgettable event wrapped up with Sorabh performing his famous kekada dance and the sounds of laughter echoing into the night.

– Debleena Ganguly for MTTN

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