High Voltage

Music has, by and large, been an inherent part of Manipal’s cultural fabric. Manipal University, by sheer virtue of being a blend of astronomically diverse cultures attracts talents of all sorts – some of them being in the general field of music too, resultantly. Music fests and other such cultural events provide a much needed respite from the (relatively) mundane college life, and also provide fertile grounds for musicians to showcase their skills.


High Voltage is one such event. Started in October 2015 by the School of Life Sciences, it is the only fest of its kind that’s organized independent of any other fests and is a stand alone event dedicated to rock and roll and the love for music. This year’s event turned out to be a smashing success, with spectacular stage arrangements, improved sound management and a massive turnout on behalf of the audience. High Voltage 2016 was an event you’d have to be hard-pressed to miss.


The night was supposed to feature 10 local bands selects from amongst the many others who sent in audition tapes to perform at the event, with the headliners being Delirium and Under the Cross. The cover songs played by the bands ranged from mainstream pop (Coldplay) to metalcore (Avenged Sevenfold) to progressive rock (Tool), and a few bands played their original compositions as well.


Unfortunately, and quite unexpectedly so, rains ended up playing spoilsport. Right in the middle of Under the Cross’ performance, it started pouring due to which the water got on stage and the equipment had to end up getting removed.


A major feature of the event was supposed to be Manipal’s introduction to the Under 25 Club. They’re the upcoming organization that facilitates programs that are aimed at helping the youth of this country invest in their passion and promotes them by means of fests, summits, literary events and plenty of other programs. They’ve already established their presence in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and a few other places, and they are well on their way to going international with an event in Singapore in the very near future.

Their next big event is going to be the Panambur Beach Music Festival, which is promises to be an absolutely incredible one which is already causing quite the buzz in the music circles. Just for the record, the tickets for the same will be available with MTTN – just contact the page for the same. Following that, will be the Under 25 Bangalore Summit that’ll take place in the first week of January.

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All in all, the event was, despite the unprecedented hiccup at the end, exactly the kind of event Manipal has always wanted and definitely needs more of. Very few events organized here are driven primarily by the love for music; and High Voltage remains a bastion to the fact that it can indeed happen.

Rahul Basu for MTTN

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