Making Fun of Tropes is a Trope

Every moon is full,
Every night starry,
Still the sky remains as charred stationery.

Every river gurgles,
Every brook laughs in mirth,
Yet four eyes meet in silence ‘crost her girth.

Every sea is of strangers,
Every sight first and true,
But all forgotten choosing the flavor of fondue.

Every eye cast of evil,
Every villain short of life,
Then comes the bigger brother, there’s no shortage of strife.

Every problem is profound,
Every storm perfect,
Solved in the final instant, forget the after-effect.

Every insult is personal,
Every friendship ruined,
A contrived clarity, and the city’s what we’re doin’.

Every one here an expert,
Every monologue reliant,
Made a rare crucial error, Brilliant!

A self-conscious cliche,
Isn’t that anymore,
Call it an Easter Egg and pack in some more.

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