The Playlist for Your College Life

Failure: Matchbox 20- Unwell

It begins with the end of your IIT dreams, when you realise you can’t make it to one. You start doubting your capabilities and the very belief you had in your dreams get worn away due a certain Sharma ji next door who’s myopic and prejudiced enough to think of the IITs as the only top league colleges in the country. You think your life is over, right?

Rising up after failure: Sara Bareilles- Brave / Eminem – Lose Yourself

…except it’s not. You realise one failure (which it is, only by the society’s terms) can never dictate the course of your life. You muster the courage to explain the same to your parents (who might be cynical at first), and convince them Manipal is the next best place to be at.

Leaving home: Arctic Monkeys- One for the road / One Republic – Marching On

Mum’s eyes are teary. She’s fretting over your meals, laundry, and you being able to wake up for class. After all, you’re setting off on a big adventure outside the safe confines of your home for the first time!

New surroundings: Porcupine Tree- Arriving somewhere but not here

You arrive in Manipal and can just stare in amazement at the charm of this little town. It sure is intimidating at first. Your comfort zone is a thousand miles away, but hey, you aren’t alone!

New bonds of friendship: OneRepublic- Everybody loves me

Maybe you met them while cribbing over the mess food, or when they offered to share their umbrella on a rainy day. You may not have the same taste in things but when you hear them say the same things you had in mind about that professor (read below), you know you’ve found a friend.

Mundane classes: Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall / Bruno Mars- The Lazy Song

The bulk of your time in first semester will inevitably be spent listening (or not) to professors explaining wonderful concepts in a sleep inducing drone. Skipping breakfast for this? Not worth it. For the attendance and last bench shenanigans? Hell yes.

Teaching break: One Republic – Stop and Stare

That short time given to all you hapless freshers to restore calmness after a month and a half of sheer chaos ending with a set of exams. While most people go back home, some stay back and travel around.

Going to the beach/ reconnecting with nature: Keane- Somewhere only we know

When your college town in nestled between the mountain and the coastline, you are bound to have wanderlust. That first weekend trip to the beach with your friends is something you’ll always remember.

Finding home away from home: Switchfoot- This is home

In all the midnight chatter in your room about all the things that (don’t) matter and pooling money at the end of the month to order food from Campus Grill and sharing it amongst five people, you’ll find signs that you’ve found a home away from home.

Falling in love: Enrique Iglesias- Hero / Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved

You saw that person halfway across the class on day one, merrily talking to their friends or making jokes at the rest of the class from the back bench. The way they smile, the way they flip their hair. You can swear you fell for them the instant you saw them.

Being happily in love: Cristina Perri – Arms /  Arctic Monkeys- Reckless Serenade

That tingling you feel, that person you go to during breaks and after the classes end, garnishes your life with the extra bit of sweetness. Being happy even when there is an assignment and homework on hold only happens when you are smitten by the love bug.

Heartbreak: Wafia – Heartburn / Cristina perri – Jar of Hearts

The point where the heart disregards everything that the brain tries to speak and say. It is at this point where you need your best friends –  your confidants beside you. First breakup in a college can be hard to deal with. But it is exactly how you learn.

Broken Friendships – Breaking Benjamin- Dear Agony

Sometimes the one that’s supposed to stay leaves. Reasons can be many. Betrayal, deceit and the list goes on. Few broken friendships pave way for the right relationships with the right people. Learn your lesson and move on.

Sadness – Lana Del Rey- Summertime Sadness / Alter Bridge – Slip To The Void


College will offer a lot of reasons to be sad. There will be moments of self-doubt and anxiety. Count on yourself. It’s a lonely world with a lot of people and the feeling of being lost is absolutely normal. Tell yourself that. Everyday.

Preparing for end sems Survivor – Eye of the Tiger / Fall Out Boy – Centuries


An academic semester comes to an end with end sems. You start eating unduly and start planning to study. Execution is always last minute. First semester is always on trial basis. You try out what suits you. Late night or early mornings. End sems mark the end and the beginning of college days and holidays.

Going back home Skylar Grey – I’m Coming Home / Homecoming – Kanye West ft. Chris Martin

After tumultuous and rocky exams, it’s finally the time you look forward to ever since the end semesters start. The time when you will be relaxed with no worry of an assignment or labs. You will take a step back and take the much needed vacation.

Knowing you are in for the best four years of your life: Imagine Dragons – I’m On Top Of the World / Fun- We are young

The first four months will have an equal share of ups and downs. There will be moments of happiness and sadness. They will help you become a better person and change you for the better. Get ready for a hell of a ride.

Manipal Rains: Local natives- heavy feet

There is something about Manipal rains that will touch your heart. When the water will pour down from the skies, the earth will have the best fragrance and the rain will wash away your despair. There’s something about the Manipal rains that makes them special. The greenery and the vast open grounds add beauty to the sight.

— Agnihotra Bhattacharya and Shravani Vyakarnam for MTTN

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