Houses and Homes: The Manipal Project


When a place leaves you
You take it with you in small bags
It sits with cashews in your pocket
It ticks in your dad’s wristwatch

It comes back to you on gloomy days
It takes you away in storms
It burns between fingers, lips wrapped in smoke
It reeks out of your clothes, after a weekend bash.

And when you move into a new house
You carry your home with you
In unread, worn out books and photographs stashed away in drawers,
In stars that stay the same, in scars from the war.

When a place leaves you, you pack it in a jar
And open the lid when breathless, and blow out some of your own.
We find houses in cities, and homes in people
And if you carry the stars in your eyes, and defeat in your heart
If there was ever a home to be, it was within you, from the start.


– Peeyush Chauhan and Nishant Sahoo for MTTN.


Peeyush Chauhan

I like milk, apples, and lots of free time in order to do nothing on purpose. I like the way words work, and how you can play around with them to create a pretentious bio.

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