The De̶v̶i̶l̶ Worshippers

Satan is my new best friend. Not the Instagram best friend who keeps changing on a weekly basis. This is a Joebama friendship-bracelet-level friendship. You must think I’m slightly weird, if not totally, or that I’m trying to be all edgy and out of the box. But hear me out.

If you believe in the Christian devil Satan, you’re a Christian. If you call yourself an atheist or ‘a modern Christian’, chances are you follow Satanism more often than not. The word Satan stems from the Greek word satanas or the Hebrew word satan both of which mean “the adversary” or “the opposer”. First things first, Satanism is not a religion but a mere philosophy of life. Satanists question herd mentality, the following of blind spiritual faith and oppose anything that could be obstructive towards their happiness. Satanism simply teaches to question others’ actions and act in one’s self-interest; it never meant evil until Christianity claimed it to be. Satanists follow the law, have love and compassion for all life on Earth and definitely do not want to destroy the world.

What does it mean? Being a Satanist? It simply means that you recognize that the very things that make us human — our ego, carnality, and self-reliance — are the reason for our existence and there is no shame or sin in cherishing these traits that by Christianity are termed sacrilegious. It means acknowledging that you are all that you need to lead a happy life and there is no point counting on someone or some “force” to help you get through your difficulties. It means that you can question authority and demand answers if you don’t agree with the way something works because no one is superior to another, we are all the same. It’s discerning that you are Satan.

Most Satanists follow LaVey Satanism as opposed to Theistic Satanism (an oxymoron by itself; where a person believes in the deity Satan). Anton LaVey was a student of occultism and religion who realized that all that was mentioned in religious texts did not pertain to the world we live in — religious texts were based on the laws of a utopian world. Satanism was not a structured philosophy until 1966 when LaVey created the Satanic Bible. So what exactly does this Bible preach? It lays down 9 Satanic laws, 9 Satanic sins and 11 Satanic rules of the Earth. The laws accept the violent and vengeful nature of human beings and follow the doctrine of “do no harm until harm is done” as opposed to turning the other cheek. The sins are mostly to do with oblivion and ignorance towards one’s actions. Apart from this, LaVey also founded the Church of Satan. Unlike a regular Christian church, there is no deity to bow down to and pray, no compulsion to attend sermons and ceremonies; it was founded to help people who were looking for answers that religion simply couldn’t provide.

When I learned about Satanism I had one question that I needed the answer to. What about all the voodoo and black magic associated with Satanism? Satanic Rituals are a cathartic release for most believers. It helps focus their desires and emotions and works on the basis of believing that something would work due to the power of the mind. Contrary to religious rituals, when Satanists perform rituals, it’s not to summon a spirit or God or Devil, it’s merely to focus their goals and ambitions in the form of emotional prayers to themselves.  There’s no human sacrifice and no cult of blood-drinking-self-cutting people in masks like you would expect. All the misinformation is thanks in part to popular television.  Of course, there are people who believe in supernatural phenomena, reincarnation, and ghosts both in and out of the Church of Satan, but those are simply personal beliefs and are not a part of fundamental Satanic philosophy.

At the end of the day, all we need to remember is that all dogmas are man-made and both God and Satan are mere symbols. Satanism is a philosophy for the modern, realistic world and is adaptable to ensure a happy life free of chaos whereas the religions are mainly based on order and discipline regardless of the social scenario in the world. We’re all Satanists to some extent. It just depends on whether we choose to label ourselves as one.


If you want to know about the laws, sins and rules governing Satanism, follow the links:

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