Realising Fiction: A Journal From An Alternate Universe (Part 1)

5th of Frost Fall, AG 2. Terranius.

AG 2. That is, two years “After GK Prabhu” started his tenure as the Supreme Commander of Planet Terranius. The planet is being ruled by the elderly, but still fit, and wise man. The newly formed civilisations have already discovered the technology left behind by the ancient civilisation that roamed the planet before my kind.

We have discovered fire, produced electricity, and harness solar, and water energy. We have found metals, and have built machines of steam. We traverse the four seas, make shimmering towers in the sky. Half our planet is shrouded by forests, and the other half, we rule.

It is said, that somewhere in the universe, there’s an alternate planet called Earth, much similar to ours, but far ahead in technology, and far beyond in wisdom. There are stories that their cities are so sprawled out, populations so dense, and air so filthy, that the planet is years away from devastation.

Terranius will never face that fate. We are the greatest civilisation in the planet.
The planet is ruled by different factions, governments, and conglomerates, all under the banner of GK Prabhu. The faction of Airborne Engineers live in a sky city and roam around the sky in their planes. It is said, that kids born into their faction learn to fly a tiny jet before they can walk. The conglomerates of Cheminova, and Chrysalis together own a strip of land along the coastline, rich in natural resources. Chrysalis does ground breaking research on medicine, and bio-technology, while Cheminova manufactures the products. Their latest venture, Project: Industrialize, seeks to build a 250 Billion Oreo-token chemical factory. The nation of Robotrekia builds awe-inspiring machines. One to build, and one to destroy. One to soar the skies, and one to dive into oceans, the nation builds them all.

A view of my home city.

A view of my home city.

But not all was rainbows and butterflies on Terranius. The nation of Cryptoss is stricken by tumultuous civil war between the northern mountainous tribe of Glacies, and the southern desert nomads Ignis. As if that’s not enough, Cryptoss nation is in another war versus the tribesmen of the Misty Swamplands. These tribesmen are master assassins and have infiltrated the deepest government offices.
“We need to build a wall,” said the president of Cryptoss, wary of the recurring attacks from the Misty Swamplands. But the legendary Cryptonian defence isn’t easy to break through.

The planet’s intelligence bureau Questionable Intelligence has a lot to say. Their signals’ corps Alacrity, indicates unidentified elements heading towards Terranius. The Acumen corps indicate there’s something wrong with the new Cheminova factory, as reports suggest that areas nearby are being hit by a new kind of disease.

I have a gut feeling the situation is only going to get grim. Just in case it does, I hope this journal survives to tell the story.


PS. This is the first part of a four article series, about the different categories of TechTatva ’17 as nations in an alternate universe. Stay tuned!


Agnihotra Bhattacharya

Being eternally hungry, and with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, I took to writing as an outlet for the wide spectrum of emotions that I usually portray.

Mercurial, loquacious, and always looking at the world through a broken pair of rose coloured glasses, I can never settle for anything, for too long.

I am the one who wanders.

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