Basic Life support is that level of medical care which deals with providing victims of life threatening illnesses or injuries immediate medical attention before full medical care can be provided at the hospital. The aim of this workshop was to make medical undergraduates understand the concept, principles and techniques of basic life support. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Rahul Magazine (Department of Pulmonary Medicine), Dr. Bharti Magazine (Department of Pharmacology), Dr. Amruta Tripathy (Department of Pharmacology), Dr. Anne Dsouza (Department of Anatomy), Dr. Mohan Babu (Department of Pharmacology) and Dr. Yogesh Gaude (Department of Anesthesiology) at the Medical Simulation Centre. The first exercise of the workshop made the students realize that the techniques were much harder than they appeared, especially after the sumptuous lunch they’d eaten.

The participants were taught how to provide CPR, use an AED, perform infant CPR and dislodge a foreign body. The workshop was wrapped up with a test that helped the students grasp the essence of the workshop better. They were thus introduced to one of the most raw and intense levels in medical care.


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