The afternoon of 15th September, the first day of IGCLA saw a number of workshops being held. One among these was the workshop on Gel Electrophoresis conducted in co-operation with Department of Biochemistry, KMC Manipal. The workshop was attended by over 40 students from a number of colleges. Participants were briefed about the principle and technique of Gel Electrophoresis by Dr. Revathi P. Shenoy (Associate Professor, Dept. Of Biochemistry). She also explained various observations and interpretations which can be derived from the electrophoresis result of a specimen. This was followed by a hands on session, by Mr. Satish Kumar from Alere Medical Pvt. Ltd., which gave participants an opportunity at performing gel electrophoresis and gaining practical experience. Overall, it was a very useful workshop, which gave a sneak peek into the difficult process of electrophoresis and cleared their concepts regarding its uses.

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