Teenage- Until One Score

Teenage, the most beautiful age
When we’re all on a different page
It’s all passion, joy and rage
Teenage, the most beautiful age.


The fear of failure, the impulse to just fight
Those changes, those rushes, those urges
But even the wrong feels right
That time when the adrenaline surges.


What happens in the past, stays there
But it can be perturbing and that’s unfair
Can you be defined by your past?
Of course not. Just hope it goes away fast.


The period of discovering your robust indulgence
The span when feelings get intense
Isn’t morality something to think about
But you only have the capability to shout.


And thus tumbles the rage, rolling down
Till one day, maturity hits you in the face
Maybe it’s because of all the stupidities
Maybe something changes within
But at the end of it all,
There you are-standing bright and tall
An amazing adult now,
The magnanimous change-and how!
Nothing of the past matters
Hear it once again
Not believing this will only give you pain
People change-they change for the better
And you only learn, learn more and more
Its teenage-till you turn one score.


-Written by Aastha Bansal


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