Realising Fiction: A Journal From an Alternate Universe (Part 2)

Before you begin: Read Part 1 here (if you haven’t already).

The idea was pure genius when it was initially pitched. Simply put, Chrysalis had come up with the formulation for a type of panacea specific to psychological problems. The initial test results were splendid and the drug seemed to have a success rate of 100%. The mass production and distribution of this drug was assigned to Cheminova. There seemed to be something terribly off in their proportions when translated for mass production. The effect of this was detrimental and they had hell to pay for that.
The entire human race is in a state of limbo. The weak minded are drowning in perennial boredom and the aged have gone into a slumber so deep, it resembles Odinsleep. The prodigies and high scholars get frequent migraines. It doesn’t seem to affect me as my brain-chemistry is far more evolved.
All factions and countries have been trying ever since to rid the human race off this plague. Epsilon has identified the affected regions of the mind but is unable to synthesize a cure. Robotrekia has developed highly capable nano-bots but they lack the resources required to cure the plague and they don’t have a sustainable source to power the bots. The list of magnanimous individual efforts keeps increasing by the day. But none of them are succeeding. Why don’t they see that individual efforts are doing absolutely nothing? They need to work together and formulate the ultimate idea to wipe this plague out. It needs to be a collaborative effort.

This is the second edition to our series of four chronicles on the different categories of TechTatva ’17 as nations in an alternate universe. Stay tuned.

Tushar Machavolu for MTTN.



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