In times of sickness and health

You know you’re an adult when you’d rather stay sick than pick up the phone and make your own doctor’s appointment!

How often have you put off going to the dreaded, cumbersome KMC, and instead lay shivering under layers of blankets, feeling more homesick than ever? Well, you’re not alone. Two highly innovative engineers, Advik Umamaheswaran, (MIT) and Mayank Rajoria, (IIT-Delhi) have set up an online pharmacy, which aims to deliver medicines right up to your doorstep.

Their company, Pharmart (, was recognized when the team reached the final round of ‘Provenance’, Manipal University Technology Business Incubator’s annual entrepreneurship event. Since the app’s release in November 16’, it has been downloaded over 5000 times, holding a rating of 4.8.

The founders met in Navi Mumbai, through their common IIT coaching class, but soon parted ways to college. Despite the distance, Advik and Mayank managed to communicate effectively via WhatsApp and Skype. The success of the company is due to an amalgamation of Mayank’s technical skills and Advik’s entrepreneurial knack.

The company operates in Navi Mumbai, the hometown of the two students, as well as in Manipal. They have further plans of expanding to cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore with a promise of delivering your products to you within 45 minutes of ordering. Living in an unpredictable weather and away from home, a lot of students require medicines which are not easily available with the hostel caretakers. Coming to the rescue, Pharmart plans to deliver such medicines to your hostel rooms within a matter of time. At present, Pharmart can deliver to Kamath Circle and faculty apartments inside campus.

Not to disregard industry standard rules, for the medicines which require a prescription, the patient is asked to upload the same using their camera. If the chemist approves, the order is taken.

Pharmart falls under the parent company, MindSeed Technologies. The founders are also working in other exciting avenues and venturing into unchartered territory. Seems like Pharmart is definitely one to watch out for!

Download the Pharmart app for Android HERE.


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