Forgiveness – Day Nine of NaPoWriMo


Two boys on a beach
Looking for direction
Should they head for the edge?
Or sail to the horizon?
One takes the right
The other takes the left
A promise to meet again
Made but never kept

One finds a shack
Showcasing his dreams
In tiny spherical flasks
Bursting at the seams
So whenever he felt like
The world was too much
And his emotions felt
A little out of touch
He would chug down a ball
No matter the consequence
And see a different world
Through a heavily tinted lens

The other boy went left
He found fantastic mountains
On his knees he wept
Not a river but fountains
From the both of his eyes
They’d told him nothing but lies
That the search for knowledge
Would make him sensible and wise
There’d always be people
To hear his cries
Lost in the echo
Of the ranges ahead
He had a long journey to face
Before he’d lay down in death

He reaches the top
And meets his friend
Drunk on his dreams
Since god knows when
He holds him by the shoulder
And asks for forgiveness
“I abandoned you”
“You’re with me at the finish”

Written by Manu J Naik

Picture courtesy : Google

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