Starry Night

Starry, Starry Night
you built your world,
just born yet wrecked;
Shades of blue and grey,
the cypress tree
made you question your sanity.

How you saw the world
like no one else could see;
A view from your window
not how it was,
but how could it be.

How … Continue Reading

Navrasa: Fear

It has been five months since I envisioned him—five months since our last eventful encounter.

And it has been the best five months of my entire life.  

I have started to move on—I stopped placing an additional blanket for him, I don’t even spread breadcrumbs outside my kitchen window now. Continue Reading

Open Electives (V Semester) 2021


The course is relatively easier to comprehend—focusing on automative engines and concepts of thermodynamics. The topics talk about the current environmental issues faced by the automotive industry and its solutions—and hence would be suitable for industrial training.

Course Summary: Introduction- Historical background, Regulatory test Continue Reading

Dream—Day Three of NaPoWriMo

I ran this race for a million eternities,
Matched each footstep with all of the world,
Took the roads not less traveled,
Spent my life preparing to live.
And when all that was asked was done,
I waited for the bliss to finally begin,
Until I realised all that I … Continue Reading

Hope—Day One of NaPoWriMo

We have always endured the world in sidelines,
tried to praise its twisted sense.
Even in the living nightmare of our times,
when every mirror affirmation
is met with ‘return to sender’ stamp.
When going out is like playing with fire;
And living at home is awfully lonely.

But it’s … Continue Reading

A Million Worlds in One

A world apart.

We all have very different personalities and react to situations in a variety of ways. These differences make us lead distinct lives— which feels like worlds apart. It is not distance but the habitual or mental differences that create barriers and make one society foreign to the Continue Reading

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