Emergence of Photojournalism

“When you raise the camera to your eye you become responsible for contextualizing the history of the person you are photographing.” -  Neeta Satam The second Indo-China war lasted for almost 20 years and deprived 4 million civilians of their home. The prolonged bloody conflict dominated the media during its course. Yet only a handful... Continue Reading →

The Flood Crisis in the Northeast

  Recently, social media has been swept with posts about the floods in the North-East. Many are still unaware of the magnitude of damage, and lives lost over the past weeks. So what exactly is happening in Assam and the other neighbouring states? Flood Fury in Assam Assam has always been prone to frequent flooding... Continue Reading →

Travel Stories 4: Lost in Bangkok

We have always been dependent on technology to take us around. With GPS in almost every device, exploring new cities have become much easier or that’s what we thought when we set foot in Bangkok. Nestled on the banks of Chao Praya river, Bangkok or Krung Thep as locally known, is a commercial and cultural... Continue Reading →

Fear – Day Eleven of NaPoWriMo

  What does Charon fear? Throwing the dead back and forth, into the abyss of eternal torment, drifting over the Styx, as the mortal fire flickers to oblivion.   What does Charon fear? Abandoned Souls whispering of things foregone, of hopes and dreams beyond, left in the living realm. Phantom hands reaching out to an... Continue Reading →

February 14th, 2019 The Department of Commerce was the hub of excitement, on the morning of February 14 – with the commencement of the 8th edition of Conscendo. Conscendo which means ‘to embark’ was a management fest organized by the Department of Commerce. It intended to expose the students to the integrity of the corporate... Continue Reading →


ArtPod is a student-run organization that intends to cherish culture and values of art. Their first initiative was the exhibition conducted in March 2018 at the Innovation Centre. It served as a platform for artists and photographers from Manipal to display their best work. This year ArtPod is back with another interesting idea of combining... Continue Reading →

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