Invictus: Vibes Day Three

Almost reaching the penultimate day of the fest itself, Day Three of Vibes showed no signs of flagging, and instead upped the ante with a blazing display of bravura across the board. HINDI POETRY The Hindi Poetry competition was held in the Biochemistry Lecture Halls from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The participants were given... Continue Reading →

Casual Dating: Two Straws and One Lemonade

Our little town, Manipal, mirrors those youthful pages off the prospectuses circulated by universities as bait for prospective students. The time we spend in this little town is defining, formative of our personalities and career alike. Here is when and where we can make mistakes as we experiment with people and processes. With such opportunity... Continue Reading →


When sunlight becomes a luxury and Facebook is flooded with pictures of lightning bolts and sheets of dark clouds, every student at Manipal knows that the monsoon is setting in. Along with the relief from the summer heat, the monsoons bring with it a much darker aspect. It┬áprovides the perfect breeding ground for a number... Continue Reading →

VERVE 2016 : DAY 1

The battlefield was all set and the warriors equally bubbling with enthusiasm (showing total indifference to the sultry weather). Thus began, 'Verve 2016' with the customary headcount at the library and the second semester students heavily out-numbering those from the rest of the semesters. Then they marched all the way from the library to KMC... Continue Reading →

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