Conversations With Women in Healthcare

When your favorite professor walks into the lecture hall, carrying her saree effortlessly and managing a graceful smile while she greets you Good Morning, have you wondered what her origin story is? Do you wonder what it must’ve been like for them, growing up and what lies ahead for them? Continue Reading

Come To Grief

You sit there huddled in a corner, silent tears rolling down your cheeks as yet another fight breaks out. I see your pupils dilated with fear, I hear your heart racing. You watch them helplessly and I watch you. Something holds me back from approaching you. You wipe your tears … Continue Reading

Every Body Talks

Every Body Talks, a panel discussion on body image issues, was conducted by Niyamat, a team of Manipal alumni. The panel discussion kickstarted on 5th February, 11 AM onwards over a Zoom meeting with a round of introduction of the panelists. The panel included a group of highly acclaimed queer-affirmative … Continue Reading

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