Contempt – Day Ten of NaPoWriMo

  You laughed at my kufi, so I laughed at your baseless mockery. You pointed at my turban, so I pointed out your groundless opinions. You told me to remove the cross around my neck, and I told you to remove the contemptuous thoughts from your head. You insulted me and my tolerance of this... Continue Reading →


  You're woven from the fabric of space, magnetic fingertips pulling me somewhere astronomically far away.   You're an ethereal dream spun from the laws of the universe, taking my mind light years away from my home planet.   You're the friction defying the principles of gravity, skin on skin refusing to adhere to conformity.... Continue Reading →

Grow Up, Not Rich

Social media are places to grow, discover and reinvent ourselves. While the social media storm of Facebook has considerably slowed down, it has been replaced by more visual alternatives like Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok ( and the like. But what was once a college-only platform has now effortlessly oozed itself into the younger demographic with... Continue Reading →

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