Pro.Verb: Day 2

The second day of the Pro.Verb debate started off with media politics as the first theme. Statements of context were provided before finally releasing the motion. For the first motion, the context was in relation to 'WOKE' as a political term of African-American origin, its societal implication and its connotation in the publicity world. The... Continue Reading →

Insta-grand: Beyond filters and feeds

Brilliant, warm skies casting a special sunset glow right into the camera. Tap. A silhouette of two fingers that strangely signify peace held up against the same brilliant warm skies. Tap. A face staring out into the brilliant warm skies like it holds the secret to a life full of enough sleep and unlimited pizza.... Continue Reading →

Backstreet’s Back, Alright!

If you really understood the title of this article, you already know what it is going to be about. Yes, the Backstreet Boys are well and truly back, and they’re here to stay. Throwing it back to 1993, an era when ‘boy bands’ were immensely popular, when a group of five incredibly talented male musicians... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Snapchat

  Ding! The clock strikes one. The artificially illuminated screen lights up. The only other light emanates from the Christmas tree lights, glowing quietly in the corner. Blinking off and on gently, knowing that no one is watching. A minute ago, it had to showcase its best self, preen its own leaves, just as the... Continue Reading →

History of Manipal: Revels 1982

The First Glimpse Ever There was a foreign buzz to the air, a strange sense of excitement with underlying traces of apprehension, that could be easily mistaken for enthusiasm upon first glance. This hadn’t happened before. And I’m not talking about MIT celebrating its Silver Jubilee, because it would be slightly weird to have two... Continue Reading →

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