Jhakaas: Manipal’s First Feature Film

Four friends, discontent with their lives after college and reminiscent of “the good old days” reunite. What ensues is a night of fun, debauchery, and misadventure.   Jhakaas! — a feature film by Anirudh Entertainment Films — opens to a scene of what appears to be Sameer getting chastised by his father outside Manipal Police... Continue Reading →

Revels’18 Primer: How to Participate

The build-up to MIT’s favourite festival has begun. As the food court witnesses a month-end-dinner like thrum of activity every night, the Revels-related queries come pouring in. Here’s a concise compilation of everything you need to be a part of Revels’18: - Where to sign up? mitportals.in: 1. Visit the site. 2. Receive login credentials.... Continue Reading →

A Look Back : 3 & Half Outsiders

If you said that the stand-up comedy scenario in Manipal was beginning to run a bit stale, we’d be forced to agree with you. 3 & Half Outsiders by Comedy Club Manipal, held on 25th January is a testament to the fact that stand-up wasn’t made for everyone. It started out pleasantly enough, as Harman... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

Disclaimer:- I fully realize that by writing this, I run the risk of sounding like every preachy Hollywood rom-com ever made. Quite frankly, like a unicorn barfed rainbows into my life. However, as someone who has had more than a fair share of life events not going their way, I will self-proclaim my expertise on... Continue Reading →

And Then There Were None: The Play Review

Mystery has been considered one of the most daunting of theatrical genres to pull off; even more when you are staging a production of the world’s best-selling mystery till date – ‘And Then There Were None’, by the queen of mystery herself, Agatha Christie. Now, not many would dare to put up an Agatha Christie... Continue Reading →

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