Killer Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

It’s a warm sunny afternoon in school, and your chemistry teacher drones on about a plum pudding model. How she expects you to study henceforth without the thought of food on your mind remains a mystery. A forty minute class suddenly turns into chaos as the restless backbencher slowly thumps his feet twice and slams... Continue Reading →

The Cognizant Citizen: The Aadhar That Couldn’t

Multi-purpose National Identity Card. National Authority for Unique Identification. Unique Identification of Authority of India. Many names, one ID— Aadhar, the world’s largest biometric initiative.  The seemingly harmless card that an Indian citizen is expected to acquire holds vital information such as the name, date of birth, and address, but ties into biometric data and... Continue Reading →

The Band of The Hour: Shorthand

Manipal’s love for music is no secret. With crowd filled grounds for events like High Voltage, RedBull Tour Bus, The Local Train, As We Keep Searching, etc. a taste of NH7 Weekender comes to this town now and then. No exception to this trend is the Delhi-based free genre band Shorthand who will be performing... Continue Reading →

Jashn-e-Azaadi: A Celebration of Indian Independence

It’s a fairly common sight in Manipal to see students flocking around in traditional wear in the spirit of Independence Day. While for some, this national holiday might bring joy because of the extra sleep they get, students all across campus showcased their patriotism through different means. To celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day, Goonj—Manipal’s premier... Continue Reading →

The Summer Over The Years

Ice cream, ice golas, mangoes, picnics, sleeping in, swimming, meeting friends—what’s not to like about summer? Aside from the sweltering heat, summer vacations have always been something that every single one of us has looked forward to. Given our love, the fact that for some of us this is the last ‘free’ summer brings about... Continue Reading →

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