TEMPUS PRETIOSO: Time is Precious

The newly formed Emergency Medicine club of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal named ‘Tempus Pretioso’ is the brain-child of Karan Kalra (UG Student) under the guidance of Dr. Jayaraj MB (Department of Emergency Medicine, KMC) and Dr. Anita Nileshwar Shenoy (Department of Anaesthesiology, KMC).  Training to aid in overcoming the panic … Continue Reading

STD Awareness: Treatment Options

According to a recent study, sexually transmitted diseases are one of the most common ailments that spread quickly from person-to-person. Most of the STDs infecting a female have a high risk to be vertically transmitted to her offspring to cause congenital anomalies. As a clichéd adage says, ‘An ounce of … Continue Reading

Med-journals in disguise

Medical magazines are a daunting read for anyone. Even those in the profession shy away from leafing through one of these in a waiting room (When was the last time you saw anything other than Men’s Health and Women’s Era in a hospital waiting room?) Therefore, tongue firmly in cheek, … Continue Reading

Éclat 2016 : Annual day of KMC

The warm weekend afternoon of 19th March, 2016 saw KMC Greens filled with dapper men and genteel women, gathered for the much awaited College Day. Rightly named ‘Éclat’, the evening celebrated KMC’s exceptional heritage and dynamism.

Our chief guest for the evening was a world renowned name in Reproductive … Continue Reading

Hues 9.0 Day 5

The penultimate day of Hues 9.0 saw a tight competition among the different batches. As of day 4, TIPS is leading the fest. There is always chances for big leaps, and hence tougher competition is observed. The day 5 events that took place are as follows,


The event, as … Continue Reading

Hues 9.0: Day 2

The second day of Hues 9.0 kicked off with a more vigorous competitive spirit. The events for the day began at 9.00am at the Centre for Basic Sciences building.


The students unleashed their talent of imagination and oration in a span three minutes. The topics ranged from ‘Starvation’ and … Continue Reading

Another moment of pride for KMC!

The 4th edition of the renowned Holland and Brews Manual of Obstetrics was released on the 5th of February, 2016 in a glittering ceremony at the TMA Pai Hall in the presence of eminent personalities, the administrators, faculty and students of Kasturba Medical College – Manipal University.

The Chief … Continue Reading

Inspired by life

It has been almost a month and a half staying at Manipal and I’m already loving the life here. Various societies of the college hold different activities and among these, the social welfare committee of KMC conduct regular visits to Asare. Not many people know what Asare is (neither did … Continue Reading

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