Impressions – A Dactylography Workshop

Fingerprints are one of the most unique things a human possesses. They are different in each individual and confer a distinctive identity to a person. Anybody who is a fan of detective TV series will agree that fingerprints are the most useful tools in identifying a person or eliminating a suspect. But how is this... Continue Reading →

Classic Reviews: Bawarchi

Whenever we think of Rajesh Khanna, the first movie that comes to the mind is Anand. This masterpiece, iconic not just for its dialogues but also for its songs, is directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Hrishi da (as he was popularly known) worked with Kaka in two other movies- the socialist Namak Haraam (The Traitor) and... Continue Reading →

HPV: A Formidable yet Tameable Foe

Can a seemingly innocuous lesion in the genital region lead to your death in a few years? Yes, yes it can. More so if you are a woman. Genital lesions are a sign of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which also sets the stage for about 90 percent cases of Cervical Cancer- a leading cause of... Continue Reading →

Hues 9.0 Day 1

MCODS’ very own annual fest, Hues started off on 7th February 2016. The first day of the 9th edition of this inter-semester competition saw paricipants try to outdo each other at every moment possible Antakshari: Improvisation, quick wit and extensive musical trivia were all at display when enthusiastic participants took over the celebrated game that... Continue Reading →

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Are you one of those people who hammer away at their desk the whole day, are inseparable from your laptop or are pretty much tech savvy? Well, my dear friend, keep your ears open…. The warning bells may sound anytime for you. Confused? If “YES” then you need to pay great attention to what’s written... Continue Reading →

Medgeeks Take On Facebook

  If you’ve always had an irresistible urge to update your Facebook status every now and then, Facebook check-in into every restaurant you go, and just cannot digest the food without posting pictures of what you’re eating, then congratulations! You are suffering from the Facebook Addiction Disorder. Now, if you have just joined KMC, congratulations... Continue Reading →

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