AIESEC Youth Speak Forum

Inspiration is often derived from ordinary people who do extraordinary things. These everyday people have one thing in common- they are all innovative and daring risk-takers who strive to make a change. The Youth Speak Forum, which was hosted by AIESEC on 23rd October at Fortune Inn brought four personalities who turned global insights into... Continue Reading →

Parikshit: The Student Satellite Team

Currently working on a 2U nano-satellite under the student project wing of ISRO, Team Parikshit is any ambitious student’s chance to get incredible exposure to the aerospace industry while working with a close-knit family. Since the time when they were just an idea of MIT students in 2010, Parikshit has grown leaps and bounds. They... Continue Reading →

Vedanth 6.0

Creativity is thinking up new things, and innovation is doing them. When the two things  meet, miracles happen. One such miraculous event was Vedanth. When like minds meet and aspire to achieve a goal, impossible merely becomes another word in the dictionary that holds no meaning. Vedanth 6.0 was very successful in doing the same.... Continue Reading →

Rotaract: The Year That Was

Rotaract (Rotary in Action) originally began in 1968 and has grown into a major service, leadership, professional and community service organization with over 9,539 clubs spread around the world. The Manipal chapter of Rotaract is one of the largest organisations in the university and is very active in fulfilling its mission. Here is what they... Continue Reading →

IndiaRides: An Interview

Weekends are not meant to be dull. They are meant to relax and refresh your body and mind. For many of us, weekends are also meant for exploring! Running away to Goa (tourist) or Gokarna (traveller) is the first thing we plan for any upcoming long weekend. But as the day approaches, our destination changes... Continue Reading →

Double Tamasha

ADA (Absolute Dramatics Addiction), a dramatics club of MIT, organized a two-play centrestage, Tamasha, on the 11th of September (Sunday) at 6 p.m. at the AC Seminar Hall in AB-2. The show was open to everyone, and entailed no entry fee. The first play, Do-nar, scripted by Rahul Pareek, was a story of two friends,... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Velox

A Manipal-based start-up with a strong vision, Velox aims to promote and encourage cycling among the students of Manipal. We sat down with them to ask them about their journey so far, how they're doing now and their plans for the future and they had plenty to say. MTTN: What is Velox all about and... Continue Reading →

Double Bill: A Review

Shakespeare revolutionised theatre and brought shades of grey to its traditional forms. He portrayed human nature as a spectrum of thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Modern theatre works along these lines, where the theatre is not simply a reflection, but a source of reform and awareness. The confusion in the hearts of people is constantly portrayed,... Continue Reading →

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