Papyrus winning entry# 2 – Poetry

Telugite. Texan. Philosopher. Philotherian. Human being (100%). Akhilesh Gonuguntla is a free spirited adventurer, a carefree ‘almost doctor’ with quite the knack for whistling (no, it does not attract evil spirits or so he thinks). Perhaps a descendant of Hypnos, he harbours an insatiable hunger for sleep, a professional procrastinator. Continue Reading

Papyrus winning entry# 1 – Prose

Shreshta Bhat is a writer for the Editorial Board and a student of Computers and Communication. She can usually be found scribbling scrappy poems in her math notebook when she’s too bored in class. Possessed with a healthy obsession with the macabre, she spends her free time pursuing stories that Continue Reading

The Dish Best Served Cold

Ever seen those ‘Admit It’ memes on Facebook? Sure you have. Those memes that tell you to admit that you cried when Mufasa died in Lion King or that you have definitely pushed a door that said ‘Pull’? Well, here’s one: Admit it! You’ve definitely wanted revenge at one point Continue Reading

Article 19

Every fest has its own feel, a unique approach that makes visiting worthwhile. Some pick us right out of the daily slog, and place us in a world of wonders, for however short a time. Some never let up, a frenzy of activities that proceed at a breakneck pace, leaving … Continue Reading

Being in MTTN


We are KMC MTTN. We are Manipal. The following narrative is simply an honest account of what it is to be us. What it is to do what we do. Some of it is cheesy.

26th July 2015,12:00 am

We had a meeting today. Anxious deliberations were made … Continue Reading

The Manipal bug

Ever woken up with a ghastly rash on your body?

You might have gotten a nighttime visit from the Manipal bug.

No, it’s not the metaphor. It is the real deal.

It’s a creepy crawly that goes by the name of Paederus melampus.


What is it? Also known as … Continue Reading

Swine flu for dummies

Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a little boy named Bobby. Bobby was a naughty child, who disliked attending school. He would often come up with crafty ways to avoid getting sent to class. One Friday morning, he decided to play just such a trick to Continue Reading

From Benches to Bedside

We medical students handle a great deal of information too early on in life. That is our tragedy. The non-medical community or should I say the world in general, has too little information about us. That is theirs.

When we were welcomed into this discipline in our first year, we … Continue Reading

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