The Global Race For A COVID-19 Vaccine

With a global race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in full flow, will the unified efforts be enough to defeat the microscopic enemy, or has the war already been won?

Developing a functional vaccine is only the first step. Whichever company/country pioneers the vaccine will be in a commanding position, Continue Reading

Tyranny – Day Ten of NaPoWriMo

He drinks angrily from his bottle
until he can forget the smell.
The smell of all the waste and filth
born in this city of hell.

As he sleeps that night,
he dreams of a past full of dreams.
Dreams that were shattered to pieces
by society’s hostile screams.

The … Continue Reading

In the Name of Blood – Review

Aaina Dramatics’ performed their main production for this semester, In the Name of Blood at the Syndicate Golden Jubilee Hall on the 1st of November,2019.  The play opened to a full auditorium, with the audience eager to watch the much-publicized murder mystery cum horror drama.


Set in Continue Reading

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