The Cognizant Citizen: Siachen Conflict

India and Pakistan have been sworn enemies since their independence from the other. As Tim Marshall states “India and Pakistan can agree on one thing: neither wants the other around.” Given that two countries share a boundary almost 3,000 km long, geopolitical issues around the borders persist to this day. … Continue Reading

Navarasa: Compassion

Hey buddy, don’t worry,
For these eighteen long years,
We’ve walked endless miles together:
Good times and messy pasts,
We’ve been through fire and ice.


Every bubble which brings you to tears,
I’m here to cry my soul out, with you,
I’m here to hold you; lift you higher… Continue Reading

The Covid-19 Pandemic: Economic Impact


The Covid-19 pandemic has a growing impact on the global market across all domains of economic development. Though governments are pushing their limits to contain the crisis, the deprivation seems overpowering. From raw minerals and manufacturing to sales and services, all business sectors are suffering unforeseen losses. Take a … Continue Reading

News Over the Decade

News media has been an integral part of the lives of the general public for centuries now. We have seen news take different forms to reach us and increase its sphere of influence- be it the introduction of social media or the boom in the amount of content available online.

Continue Reading

Celebration- Day Eleven of NaPoWriMo


Four months ago,
All tickets were booked
All news was spread
Summer was near

A grand party was decided:
Family and friends—all invited
Elegant dresses and crisp tuxes
Would’ve been—the show highlight.

Pleasant music and imported desserts,
With a glass of wine and plastered smiles
A toast to … Continue Reading

Sky—Day Four of NaPoWriMo

Wandering along paths unknown,
I watch clear cloudless skies anew,
Solid azure paints me hope
As pleasant thoughts: engulf
my silent desires.

Sauntering off to places unmapped,
I watch the vivid colours at play;
Hues of blue and mauve:
Leave me in a blissful fantasy—
Conquering seamless horizons afar.

Lost, … Continue Reading

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