KMC T20 Premiere League 2018: The Auction

The Twenty20 Cricket Leagues have been all the rage for over a decade now. When it comes to catching up with global trends, we, the student population of Manipal leave no path untrodden and no stones unturned. Lo and behold! The KMC T20 Premiere League which was conceptualized by the Sports Committee of KMC, is all set for a second season after its humongous success last year.

Cricket is said to be a gentleman’s game, but those who got to witness the KTPL player auction held on the 13th of March would describe it as anything but gentlemanly. The teams were presented with a list of sixty-seven players to choose from, comprising of a good mix of batsmen, bowlers, wicket keepers, and all-rounders. A base price had been previously set for each of the players depending on their level of expertise. The teams were provided with a virtual budget of one crore which the captains could use to bid upon the players and form a team of fifteen members.

Thus began a fierce and intense bidding war between the four competing teams, KMC Thunderbirds – captained by Sarthak Bhardwaj, KMC Royals – captained by Anvit Minocha, KMC Titans – captained by Aditya Grama, and KMC Heats – captained by Ram Bhutani. Each of the teams also had to include players from the two pools of staff members of KMC, Manipal and these players were chosen through a lucky draw.


A bid as high as fourty-eight lakhs was raised by the KMC Thunderbirds for Jiteshwar Singh Pannu, making him the most expensive player of this season. It was closely followed by a bid of fourty-seven lakhs quoted by the KMC Heats for Mohsin Nazeer, the person who played a major role in bringing the idea of KTPL to life.

Following the first round of bidding, the players who remained unsold moved on to the second round with their base prices halved. This also served as the perfect opportunity for the teams to fill in the rest of their empty spots at a great bargain. At the end of the auction, came the time to recognize the frugality of the teams. KMC Titans and the KMC Royals – the two teams with the highest remaining sum of money were rewarded with a set of advantages which they could use during the matches.

KTPL 2017

The KMC T20 Premiere League matches are set to be held from March 22nd to April 1st. Good luck and Godspeed to all the players, and may the odds be ever in their favour.

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