Taj Mahal Ka Tender- A Play by Aaina Dramatics

What would happen if the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan had to rule modern-day India? Would the rumour of chopped arms still perpetuate or would the Taj Mahal even have been built? Aaina Dramatics’ main production for this semester brings to you a satirical take on the socio-political issue of widespread corruption, a concern which has... Continue Reading →

And Then There Were None: The Play Review

Mystery has been considered one of the most daunting of theatrical genres to pull off; even more when you are staging a production of the world’s best-selling mystery till date – ‘And Then There Were None’, by the queen of mystery herself, Agatha Christie. Now, not many would dare to put up an Agatha Christie... Continue Reading →

Play-By-Play: Aaina’s Spotlight

Theatre is an innovative expression of life. It is a thing of beauty, to project stories onto ourselves and others; a way of creating meaning through narrative and metaphor. On Sunday evening, the MIT Library auditorium witnessed innumerable emotions. A number of gasps, a whole lot of laughter, and plenty of “awes” as Manipal's very own... Continue Reading →

A Fair Affair and Butter and Mashed Bananas

The mellifluously enterprising Aaina Dramatics conducted two of its profusely exuberant stage productions, ‘A Fair Affair’ and ‘Butter and Mashed Bananas’ on the 15th of November, 2016. The Director, G.K.Prabhu, Veena Maben and Abhay Shetty were also present to bolster the students’ confidence. With a remarkable soundtrack and a supremely talented acting department, the stage... Continue Reading →

Double Bill: A Review

Shakespeare revolutionised theatre and brought shades of grey to its traditional forms. He portrayed human nature as a spectrum of thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Modern theatre works along these lines, where the theatre is not simply a reflection, but a source of reform and awareness. The confusion in the hearts of people is constantly portrayed,... Continue Reading →

Take 2- Aaina’s Main Production

Carefully hidden within our minds is a box: a box of uncharted thoughts, broken dreams and crushed hopes that we seldom touch. However, it doesn’t take much to crack open this box, revealing those prolific moments which lead us to disillusionment. It is quintessentially this box which makes us human. It makes us different and... Continue Reading →

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