The Adventurer- Kundadri 2020

Months of dragging yourself through classes, weeks of the same mundane routine, days of ruffling through pages, and managing to squeeze in a few hours of sleep. There’s a way out of this dull clockwork life of ours. ‘The Adventurer’ program brings to you an opportunity full of zest and thrill, to wrap yourself in... Continue Reading →

Agumbe Skywatch

25th March, 2017 The Astronomy Club conducted it's fourth Skywatch of the semester, this time to the Kundadri Hills on the Agumbe Rooftop. What ensued was a rather beguiling rendezvous with the stars, especially one star in particular: Sirius. Stargazers ahoy! I'm Sirius, mythical Canis Major (Greater Dog) of the gods, brightest star in the... Continue Reading →

A Night Beneath the Stars in Manipal

For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. -Vincent Van Gogh That the atmosphere scatters light is known to all. We associate this with the blue sky of the day but fail to consider the night and its intense lights. Even in a relatively small... Continue Reading →

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