Speckled—Day Eight Of NaPoWriMo

  "Speckled shades of scarlet and sapphire, did they blend to form flames of a fire?   Splatters of chrome and crimson, how did they stem from my imaginary prism?"   That night, all sense had ceased to exist, and two lovers were out for a tryst; chaos and pleasure, their names were called, who brought... Continue Reading →

Innocence – Day Four of NaPoWriMo

  I’ve made home in my bathtub where water traces its way down my back, rivulets breaking where bones peek out through skin. My eyes shut, I can remember fingers slim and calloused, nails cut jagged in a hurry, were here before the water tracing letters in a language that died as the hands left... Continue Reading →

Saudade – Day Three of NaPoWriMo

  It felt like an eternity, since the old yellow pages stuck to each other, and the dust which resided between them started whirling around my head. They refused to be separated from each other and I do not blame them. Ten years to be left stranded was unforgivable. I just sat there looking at... Continue Reading →

Rhythm – Day Two of NaPoWriMo

  The rapid movements of your long flailing arms and steps quicker than your heartbeats kept the house alive. The tender voice of your warm kisses and giggles, woke me up every morning, while you smelled of a warm home where two lovers stay although, I did dread waking up to the whirring noise of... Continue Reading →

Fool – Day One of NaPoWriMo

  Mirror mirror, show us all. Who was the greatest fool of them all? ~ Once upon a time, there was a  jester who took the fall everyday for the rest of his days.  His details pinned to the wall of shame, his entire life was documented for somebody else’s fame. A wide belly and... Continue Reading →


  You're woven from the fabric of space, magnetic fingertips pulling me somewhere astronomically far away.   You're an ethereal dream spun from the laws of the universe, taking my mind light years away from my home planet.   You're the friction defying the principles of gravity, skin on skin refusing to adhere to conformity.... Continue Reading →


The lonely sound of the leaves rustlingin the slow breezebefore they’re a carpetof auburn, gold, and dirtfills the air,as the spry streetrests for the night. This fiery road of flammable sheetswhere laughter resounds and hearts beat,echoes in the heatof nine thousand soulswalking to and fro nine thousand times. Troubled eyes,mirthful smiles alikeamble down this roadin... Continue Reading →

Jhakaas: Manipal’s First Feature Film

Four friends, discontent with their lives after college and reminiscent of “the good old days” reunite. What ensues is a night of fun, debauchery, and misadventure.   Jhakaas! — a feature film by Anirudh Entertainment Films — opens to a scene of what appears to be Sameer getting chastised by his father outside Manipal Police... Continue Reading →

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