ArtPod is a student-run organization that intends to cherish culture and values of art. Their first initiative was the exhibition conducted in March 2018 at the Innovation Centre. It served as a platform for artists and photographers from Manipal to display their best work. This year ArtPod is back with another interesting idea of combining... Continue Reading →

Clear The Hurdle: Creative Blocks

                                                                  I cannot create with you.                                                         I cannot feel anything else without you.                                                             Is this forever my conundrum; you? To create a block is pretty simple. You take a collection of all reasons too tough to break and let it hinder the highly productive mechanism that you possess. And voila, we have with... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 12:Diamonds

The jungle’s heart they say where, Lies earth’s treasure, valuable and rare. Savannahs do border the place for sure, Housing the precious, the supreme, the pure. Some would say , are sure stones, Hard pieces sustaining hammer’s injury. Age old diamonds, sparkles they shown, Invaluable they be, all do agree. Dark, humid and dusty lanes,... Continue Reading →

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