National Poetry Writing Month, Day 12:Diamonds

The jungle’s heart they say where, Lies earth’s treasure, valuable and rare. Savannahs do border the place for sure, Housing the precious, the supreme, the pure. Some would say , are sure stones, Hard pieces sustaining hammer’s injury. Age old diamonds, sparkles they shown, Invaluable they be, all do agree. Dark, humid and dusty lanes,... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Writing Month, Day 5: शायद इस दीवाली

शायद इस दीवाली करूँगा याद मैं वो झिलमिल गलियाँ, पटाखों का शोर और रौशनी की लड़ियाँ, रहेगी कसक, लेकिन फर्ज़ से ना मुँह मोड़ पाऊँगा शायद इस दिवाली मैं घर ना आ पाऊँगा। ये मीलों फैली वीरान सरहदों की टोलियाँ, बारूदों का शोर, सायों की आवाज़ें और ये गोलियाँ, रहो सलामत तुम, वचन ये अपना... Continue Reading →

Tensions Run High : Cricket Sledging through the Years

  Ah, cricket. From a British import at the hedge of pre-independent India to a full-fledged religion in the country, we've come a long way. Whether it's Javed Miandad’s hilarious antics or the legendary Monkeygate, there’s an arsenal of sledging incidents in this gentleman's game. Rumours, innuendos and internet trolls aside, India and Pakistan's history... Continue Reading →

Minimalist Manipal

Manipal - a university town. A place that boasts of beautiful beaches, delicious food, and some of the most remarkable people you’ll ever find. Manipal is, however, much more than that. There is more of Manipal to be known on a lazy afternoon spent in solitude on the sand at Hoode, than most other places,... Continue Reading →

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