Article 19 – Day 3 & 4

ComMutiny Day 3 of Article 19 saw its 7th speaker Saudamni Pandey, Project Coordinator of ComMutiny, conducting an interactive session about the organisation and the concept of a ‘5th space’ for the youth of today. The casual session set an informal tone right away with an introductory session, asking the audience to represent themselves through... Continue Reading →

Article 19 – Day 2

Mo Naga Symbols of pride and honor, brandished ceremoniously in the past, fell through the changing times of progress, to be forgotten and condemned. This is the story of the indigenous tattoos of Nagaland that captivated the audience at Moranngam Khaling, a.k.a. Mo Naga’s talk, on the second day of Article-19, which concentrated on unconventional... Continue Reading →

Manipal Ally March

An ordinary Sunday afternoon took a sudden turn, as a large, colourful group of students, bearing balloons and banners, and chanting slogans took over the streets, on the 5th of February, 2017, as Manipal witnessed its first ever LGBTQ Ally March. This event was made a success due to efforts of Shivani Singh, a student... Continue Reading →

Article 19: Platform 9 and Three-Quarters

For all the nerdy fantasies Manipal brings to life on account of being the quintessential geek haven, there has always been a large pool of untapped clientele that organizers of events hadn’t really considered catering to – the kids born in the 90s, who grew up reading the single most influential work of literature of... Continue Reading →

Article 19

Every fest has its own feel, a unique approach that makes visiting worthwhile. Some pick us right out of the daily slog, and place us in a world of wonders, for however short a time. Some never let up, a frenzy of activities that proceed at a breakneck pace, leaving us with a blend of memories to be... Continue Reading →

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